HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Valencia, Spain or Virtually from your home or work.
S Dzwigaj , Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Stanislaw Dzwigaj
Keynote Presentation
S Dzwigaj , Sorbonne Université-CNRS, France

The metal ions well dispersed at zeolite framework are considered to be active sites of catalytic processes. However, the incorporation of these metals into the zeolite materials as well dispersed metal species appears to be the important challenge. We have earlier shown that the [....] » Read More

Reza Shahbazian Yassar, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Reza Shahbazian Yassar
Keynote Presentation
Reza Shahbazian Yassar, University of Illinois, Chicago, United States

The field of catalytic science has emerged toward new nanoparticulate materials with novel chemical compositions. This presentation will encompass the PI's efforts on in-situ transmission electron microscopy of novel nanoparticle alloys with applications in catalysts. For the [....] » Read More

Renato Froidevauxa, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Renato Froidevauxa
Keynote Presentation
Renato Froidevauxa, Institut Charles Viollette – University of Lille, France

Efficient and eco-responsible valorization routes for renewable carbon source are highly desirable, and every field of catalysis should be mobilized as the key to success for a selective valorization of such a polyfunctional substrate. Biocatalytic processes are already or about [....] » Read More

Claude de Bellefon, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Claude de Bellefon
Keynote Presentation
Claude de Bellefon, University of Lyon, France

Flow chemistry is a rapidly developing technology that enables batch-to-continuous synthesis from the lab scale to industrial production. Monophasic flow, including liquid flow through a fixed bed of solid (cartridge), is the dominating contacting motion since most of the chemist [....] » Read More

Angelo Vaccari, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Angelo Vaccari
Oral Presentation
Angelo Vaccari, Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna, Italy

The steam reforming (SR) of natural gas plays a key role in the production of syngas (CO + H2) or H2, widely used to produce chemicals, fuels or energy. However, the depletion of fossil fuels and the increasing environmental constrains, have in the last decades prompted the atten [....] » Read More

Renu Sharma, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Renu Sharma
Oral Presentation
Renu Sharma, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), United States

World’s increasing energy demand can be easily met by the fossil fuel reserves for next several decades without an impact on environments if the carbon dioxide (CO2) emission can be reduced or mitigated. Photocatalytic conversion of CO2 to useful chemicals is an attractive [....] » Read More

Ashfaq Bengali, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Ashfaq Bengali
Oral Presentation
Ashfaq Bengali, Texas A&M University at Qatar, Qatar

The reaction of a bidentate pyrrole based rhenium tetracarbonyl complex (1a) with dimethylamine borane at room temperature results in rapid dehydrogenation. Hydrogen generation was detected at temperatures as low as 238K and NMR spectroscopy provided evidence for the initial form [....] » Read More

Garcia Garrido Rafael, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Garcia Garrido Rafael
Oral Presentation
Garcia Garrido Rafael, Université de Montpellier, France

Integration of fuel cell systems in electrified transportation calls for the development of efficient processes for high purity hydrogen supply. Partial dehydrogenation of liquid fuels has recently emerged as a transition technology for hydrogen delivery purposes. The reaction is [....] » Read More

Annukka Santasalo Aarnio, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Annukka Santasalo Aarnio
Oral Presentation
Annukka Santasalo Aarnio, Aalto University, Finland

In order to provide the human kind energy but simultaneously mitigating the climate change the share of renewable energy production must be increased. To balance the intermittence renewable energy production, various different energy storage systems have been proposed such as lit [....] » Read More

Soyeb Pathan, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Soyeb Pathan
Oral Presentation
Soyeb Pathan, Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute (QEERI), Qatar

Valorisation of CO2, an abundant C-1 feedstock, to platform chemicals could contribute to support the goals of energy transition, and reduce environmental impact and carbon footprint [1]. Although significant advances have been made in the area of CO2 transformation to valuable o [....] » Read More

Mohamed Nawfal Ghazzal, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Mohamed Nawfal Ghazzal
Oral Presentation
Mohamed Nawfal Ghazzal, Université Paris-Sud, France

As well as direct energy conversion in solar cells, sunlight can be used as the energy source for water depollution or hydrogen production. These two are inexorably linked as both use photocatalysis as their energy conversion mechanism. Photocatalytic depollution of water has att [....] » Read More

Luca Vattuone, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Luca Vattuone
Oral Presentation
Luca Vattuone, Università degli Studi di Genova, Italy

Due to its electrical properties graphene (G) has been successfully used as a sensing element for the detection of different gases reaching very high sensitivities (ppm or better), which are ascribed to the doping induced by adsorption. The sensitivity depends critically on the c [....] » Read More

Oyinkepreye Lucky Bebeteidoh, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Oyinkepreye Lucky Bebeteidoh
Oral Presentation
Oyinkepreye Lucky Bebeteidoh, Newcastle University, United Kingdom

The non-standard refining and sale of adulterated diesel fuel is a major challenge facing the people of the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria.  This problem is associated with engine performance issues, environmental pollution and loss of substantial revenue to the government. A [....] » Read More

Maria Griselda Corro Hernandez, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Maria Griselda Corro Hernandez
Oral Presentation
Maria Griselda Corro Hernandez, Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla, Mexico

Noble metals such as Au, Ag and Cu supported over semiconducting ZnO are well-known heterogeneous oxidation catalysts. All of them have been utilized for the oxidation of diesel soot with varied success. However, Au-supported ZnO is seen to be superior among them. Here we present [....] » Read More

Xuejing Chen, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Xuejing Chen
Oral Presentation
Xuejing Chen, Tsinghua University, China

The innovative utilization of renewable energy sources, such as biogas, with relatively low carbon emission have drawn increasing attention. Biogas is a mixture of mainly methane and carbon dioxide that is produced by the anaerobic digestion of residual biomass. Biogas reforming [....] » Read More

Saikat Chakraborty, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Saikat Chakraborty
Oral Presentation
Saikat Chakraborty, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India

Lignocelluloses from non-food crops are considered to be the most important feedstock for second generation biofuel production since they do not conflict with food sources. We use non-edible cellulose-rich lignocellulosic Sunn hemp fibres – containing 75.6% cellulose, 10.05 [....] » Read More

Yuchen Gao, Speaker at Study on biogas dry reforming using Ni catalysts and impurity effects
Oral Presentation
Yuchen Gao, Tsinghua University, China

Biogas is a typical renewable bio-energy derived from anaerobic digestion process, mainly composed of methane and carbon dioxide. Dry reforming is a promising technology which can utilize biogas and produce syngas. In this study, Ni catalysts using different supports were synthes [....] » Read More

Davor J Korcok, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Davor J Korcok
Oral Presentation
Davor J Korcok, Abela Pharm, Serbia, Syrian Arab Republic

Purpose of work: Probiotics are manufactured as pharmaceutical-dosage forms registered on the marked as: drugs, food supplements, or as medical devices. The main goal of this paper was to set probiotic production stages in order to obtain high quality finished product. Materia [....] » Read More

Kannan Shanthi, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Kannan Shanthi
Oral Presentation
Kannan Shanthi, Anna University, India

In the near future, fossil fuel era will soon been undoubtedly wiped out in accordance with the British Petroleum statistics and International energy agency. In addition, increasing global energy demand, climate change and carbon dioxide (CO2) emission from fossil fuels make it a [....] » Read More

Yuqi Wang, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Yuqi Wang
Oral Presentation
Yuqi Wang, Northwest University, China

Dry reforming of methane (DRM) is one of the most effective ways to convert greenhouse gases including methane and carbon dioxide into hydrogen/syngas. Due to the unique advantages such as economic feasibility and high activity of Ni-based catalyst, it has been widely employed in [....] » Read More

Gopinathan nair M Anilkumar, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Gopinathan nair M Anilkumar
Oral Presentation
Gopinathan nair M Anilkumar, R&D Center, Japan

The R&D center of Noritake Company Ltd. is actively involved in the development of materials for FC application (PEMFC, SOFC and SAFC) with advanced properties. Highly porous, anion conducting, flexible substrates, consisting of an anionic clay (Mg-Al LDH) coated PVDF substra [....] » Read More

Edward N Brothers, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Edward N Brothers
Oral Presentation
Edward N Brothers, Texas A&M University at Qatar, Qatar

Catalytic hydrogenation of CO2 to fuels is an ideal strategy that offers solutions to two major concerns of the 21st century: global warming due to anthropogenic CO2 emissions and the rapid depletion of nonrenewable fossil fuel reserves. Of the many possible CO2 products, formic [....] » Read More

DJ Donn Matienzo, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- DJ Donn Matienzo
Oral Presentation
DJ Donn Matienzo, Industrie de Nora S.p.A, Italy

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) is a special type of Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) technique that could grow conformal and uniform thin films on the surface of a substrate through alternate self-limiting surface reactions. The development of this technique has been successfully d [....] » Read More

Jakub Zdarta, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Jakub Zdarta
Oral Presentation
Jakub Zdarta, Poznan University of Technology, Poland

Over recent years, there has been a significant increase in the use of immobilized biocatalysts in many fields of science, life and industry, mainly due to the improvement of the stability and activity of enzymes at harsh reaction conditions as well possibility of their reuse. Th [....] » Read More

Hesam Maleki, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Hesam Maleki
Oral Presentation
Hesam Maleki, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

A low-temperature method was used to prepare and inkjet-print photoactive TiO2 films on polymeric substrates using a commercial inkjet printer. The as-prepared substrates were used in a microfluidic device fabricated with selective transmission laser welding. The catalytic activi [....] » Read More

Mohamed A Abbas, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Mohamed A. Abbas
Oral Presentation
Mohamed A Abbas, Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute, Egypt

The inhibitory impact of pyrazolin derivative (Pz) on corrosion of carbon steel in 1 M HCl was examined by potentiodynamic polarization method and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). The hindrance effectiveness of Pz on corrosion of carbon steel in 1 M HCl arrangement i [....] » Read More

Hassan S Bazzi, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Hassan S Bazzi
Oral Presentation
Hassan S Bazzi, Texas A&M University at Qatar, Qatar

Whether it is industry, agriculture, research experiments, or just ordinary activities, modern societies in the 21st century produce unwanted waste.   In some cases, this waste is concentrated and can be easily dealt with. In other cases, such waste can be minimized; this ha [....] » Read More

Katarzyna Jankowska, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Katarzyna Jankowska
Oral Presentation
Katarzyna Jankowska, Poznan University of Technology, Poland

Wastewaters containing dyes are toxic pollutants released to environment, which can be dangerous for living organisms and human health. They can cause various diseases, for example cancers, allergies and neurological disorders. Many industries, such as textile and automotive indu [....] » Read More

Di Wang, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Di Wang
Oral Presentation
Di Wang, Northwest University, China

Metal hydride (MH) has large hydrogen storage capacity and mild operation conditions, which is considered to be a promising method for H_2 utilization. Since the hydrogenation/dehydrogenation is reversible chemical reaction with strong thermal effect, the design and optimization [....] » Read More

Ewa Maria Siedlecka, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Ewa Maria Siedlecka
Oral Presentation
Ewa Maria Siedlecka, University of Gdańsk, Poland

The effect of ILs cation type (imidazolium, pyridinium and pyrrolidinium) on the morphology, surface properties and photoactivity of BiOX type semiconductors obtained by solvothermal method, has been systematically investigated. The physicochemical properties of BiOX photocatalys [....] » Read More

Abhijit Shankar Jadhav, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Abhijit Shankar Jadhav
Oral Presentation
Abhijit Shankar Jadhav, Department of Chemical of Engineering AISSMS COE, India

In this work, activated carbon was produced by chemical activation using phosphoric acid catalyst. Activated carbon derived from agricultural waste of arecanut shell. Activated carbon is produced by chemical activation at temperature of 4000C by slow pyrolysis. Impregnation ratio [....] » Read More

Nemeshwaree Behary, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Nemeshwaree Behary
Oral Presentation
Nemeshwaree Behary, Lille University, France

Porous textiles are flexible fibrous materials having high porosity (80-99%) and providing low pressure drop, a high surface-to-volume ratio for enzyme immobilization and allowing easy diffusion of reactant mixture (substrate and products). Monitoring of fiber diameter and pore s [....] » Read More

Yogeshwar R Suryawanshi, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Yogeshwar R. Suryawanshi
Oral Presentation
Yogeshwar R Suryawanshi, S.V. National Institute of Technology, India

Ruthenium-palladium (Ru-Pd) and ruthenium-nickel (Ru-Ni) bimetallic nanoalloy particles with various metal compositions were synthesized by microwave irradiated (MWI) solvothermal technique using PVP (poly-N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone) as capping agent and ethylene glycol as a solvent a [....] » Read More

Zhibao Li, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Zhibao Li
Oral Presentation
Zhibao Li, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

CO2 is considered as the major contributor to the Earth’s global warming. Though the cause of emission is driven by regional dynamics, the growth of CO2 concentration in atmosphere has been around 40% since the beginning of the 21st century. In recognition that coal-fired p [....] » Read More

Jose Antonio Diaz Lopez, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Jose Antonio Díaz Lopez
Keynote Presentation
Jose Antonio Diaz Lopez, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), Spain

Nowadays, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (FTS) has regained interest motivated by the development of the biorefinery concept, which is focused on producing chemicals and fuels from biomass sources. Despite being discovered more than a century ago, FTS is still facing some challenges, [....] » Read More

QB Broxterman, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- QB Broxterman
Keynote Presentation
QB Broxterman, InnoSyn BV, Netherlands

InnoSyn B V is a chemical process R&D organization located at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Geleen , The Netherlands . InnoSyn performs ‘invention’, ‘improvement’ and ‘implementation’ R&D services for its customers and strategic pa [....] » Read More

Eugenio Meloni, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Eugenio Meloni
Keynote Presentation
Eugenio Meloni, University of Salerno, Italy

The European Union, through the SET-Plan, aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20%, to have a 20% share of energy from low-carbon energy sources and to have a 20% reduction in the use of primary energy by improving energy efficiency by 2020, with a long-term ambition to red [....] » Read More

Vitalina Kukueva, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Vitalina Kukueva
Keynote Presentation
Vitalina Kukueva, Cherkassy State Technological University, Ukraine

Today, organic phosphorus compounds (OPC) are actively exploring all the main scientific centers of the world, as determined by their chemical benefits, the importance of the activity of organisms and great potential practical use in industry, fire safety, agriculture and everyda [....] » Read More

Aleksandra Pieczynsk, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Aleksandra Pieczynsk
Oral Presentation
Aleksandra Pieczynsk, University of Gdansk, Poland

Chemotherapy drugs are considered a group of emerging pollutants which can possibly impact the aquatic life in the water bodies receiving effluents from wastewater treatment plants. Therefore, the search for alternative methods that will enable the effective removal of drugs from [....] » Read More

Qurat Ul Ain Nadeem, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Qurat Ul Ain Nadeem
Oral Presentation
Qurat Ul Ain Nadeem, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

Deterioration in the drinking water facilities is one of the major and life threatening concerns of the developing world. A number of scientific studies have been conducted to resolve the issue while numerous are in pipeline to attain a cost-effective method for the particular is [....] » Read More

Cassia Boyadjian, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Cassia Boyadjian
Oral Presentation
Cassia Boyadjian, American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Oxidative cracking of n-hexane, as a model compound to naphtha, is studied as an alternative to steam cracking for production of light olefins. Li/MgO is a potential oxidative cracking catalyst due to its non-redox properties and high selectivity to olefins. In this work, we furt [....] » Read More

Muhammad Usman, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Muhammad Usman
Oral Presentation
Muhammad Usman, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia

The search for the cheap, efficient and highly selective catalytic process of heavy aromatics for fine chemicals and fuels is currently a popular research direction. Coal tar is the major byproduct during the coal carbonization process, which are the major and important feedstock [....] » Read More

Mal Soon L, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Mal Soon Lee
Oral Presentation
Mal Soon L, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, United States

Zeolites are one of the most promising solid acid catalysts for chemical conversion of renewable biomass-derived alcohols into fuels and chemicals through alcohol dehydration condensation and alkene oligomerizaiton. Dehydration of alcohols to alkenes is a well-known prototypical [....] » Read More

Radheshyam Rama Pawar, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Radheshyam Rama Pawar
Oral Presentation
Radheshyam Rama Pawar, Kyushu University, Japan

n the past two decades several hundreds of new Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) have been reported for diverse applications (such as adsorption, separation, magnetism, photoluminescence, drug delivery including catalysis & photocatalysis, etc.). Whereas till this time, very fe [....] » Read More

Rongsheng Cai, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Rongsheng Cai
Oral Presentation
Rongsheng Cai, Swansea University, United Kingdom

The deposition of preformed cluster beams onto suitable supports represents a new paradigm for the precise preparation of heterogeneous catalysts. Compared with traditional chemical methods, it exhibits a range of unique advantages including good size (and composition) control, n [....] » Read More

Mojtaba Mirdrikvand, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Mojtaba Mirdrikvand
Oral Presentation
Mojtaba Mirdrikvand, The University of Bremen, Germany

The in situ analysis of catalysed gas phase reactions offers not only an accurate characterisation of the reactions, but also the possibility to validate numerical simulations. The latter allows optimizing operational performance and reducing industrial costs as well as predictin [....] » Read More

Ahmet Haxhiaj, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Ahmet Haxhiaj
Oral Presentation
Ahmet Haxhiaj, University of Mitrovica, Kosova

In this talk we aim to present the analyses of the composition of agglomerate that is used in Shahte-water-jacket furnace in Trepça. It is also analyzed the theoretical and real consumption of the coke for technical lead produced. The aim of the research is to optimize the [....] » Read More

Mohamed Mokhtar, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Mohamed Mokhtar
Oral Presentation
Mohamed Mokhtar, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia

Suzuki cross-coupling reaction has developed one of the furthermost effectual approaches for the synthesis of biaryls or substituted aromatic moieties from aryl halides and arylboronic acids with a palladium-catalyst in the past two era’s. Herein, Pd-free layered double hyd [....] » Read More

Sujatha Parmeswaran, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Sujatha Parmeswaran
Oral Presentation
Sujatha Parmeswaran, Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, India

In recent years, inorganic materials with different shapes and microstructures have received considerable attention owing to the obvious dependence of their properties on their shape and texture. The materials with hierarchically macro-mesoporous structures are of great interest [....] » Read More

Haider Hassan A  Almkhelfe, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Haider Hassan A Almkhelfe
Oral Presentation
Haider Hassan A Almkhelfe, Midland Refineries Company, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

We have demonstrated scalable and selective synthesis of carbon nanotubes (CNTs), carbon nanofibers (CNFs), and onion-like carbons (OLCs) in a batch reactor using supercritical fluids (SCFs) as reaction media. The process utilizes toluene and alcohols (ethanol, propanol, and buta [....] » Read More

Jicheng Zhou, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Jicheng Zhou
Oral Presentation
Jicheng Zhou, Xiangtan University, China

Herein, we report a novel strategy, which combine nano-metal with semiconductor (metal oxides) atom layer film coated on the support, to fabricate Novel Hybird Complex Nano-structured Pt/@-MeOx/SBA-15 Catalyst prepared by photochemical route. This Hybird Complex Nano-structured P [....] » Read More

Akbar Esmaeili, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Akbar Esmaeili
Oral Presentation
Akbar Esmaeili, Islamic Azad University, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

In this study, two metals were chosen for composing two different nanocatalysts. Zinc acetate and nickel chloride anchored acetanilide that was attached to functionalized magnetic anoparticles (Fe3O4) coated by silica and made two complexes. Their identification were presented by [....] » Read More

M A Sadek, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- M A Sadek
Oral Presentation
M A Sadek, British University in Egypt, Egypt

Transition metal nanoparticles have been widely investigated as a potentially advanced pathway in catalysis field due to their distinctive properties. The precise optimization through controlling the particle size is one of the key factors to obtain unique physical and chemical p [....] » Read More

Rawan Al Faze, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Rawan Al Faze
Poster Presentation
Rawan Al Faze, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

Dimethyl ether (DME) is used as an eco-friendly aerosol propellant and intermediate in the production of chemicals (e.g. olefins and dimethyl sulfate). Recently, DME has attracted interest as a clean fuel alternative to diesel due to its good burning characteristics, low NOx emis [....] » Read More

Takahiro Ishizaki, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Takahiro Ishizaki
Poster Presentation
Takahiro Ishizaki, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan

In recent years, theoretical calculations and experiments demonstrated that introducing nitrogen into carbon lattices could induce charge redistribution and result in the creation of the net positive charge on the adjacent carbon, which enhance the adsorption of O2 molecules and [....] » Read More

Karzan K Aljaf, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Karzan K Aljaf
Poster Presentation
Karzan K Aljaf, University of Pavia, Italy

A new attention has recently driven to the extension of the use of DEAE-C to organic reactions, and in particular for the preparation of heterocyclic compounds as scaffold for biological active molecules. Being DEAE-C an ammonium salt, it can be considered as a potential mild aci [....] » Read More

Jyoti Gupta, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Jyoti Gupta
Poster Presentation
Jyoti Gupta, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China

Renewable bio-oil constitutes a more sustainable and long term solution to the world energy needs. Bio-oil is a complex mixture of oxygenated organic compounds derived from the depolymerisation of cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin. Its high oxygen content, acidic nature, insta [....] » Read More

Hanan A  Althikrallah, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Hanan A  Althikrallah
Poster Presentation
Hanan A Althikrallah, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

I n the last few decades, there has been a growing interest in green chemistry. As fossil fuel reserves become depleted,considerable attention is being given to the use of biomass as a sustainable feedstock. Wide range of chemicals and fuels can be synthesised using furanic compo [....] » Read More

Hamad M Al Matar, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Hamad M Al Matar
Poster Presentation
Hamad M Al Matar, University of Kuwait, Kuwait

Biopolymers were used as supports for the preparation of palladium-based nanoparticles (pd- NPs). The chitosan-based Pd (II) catalyst (non-toxic, cheap, eco-friendly) were structurally characterized using a range of methods such as Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy, [....] » Read More

Ai Serizawa, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Ai Serizawa
Poster Presentation
Ai Serizawa, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan

Oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) is the most important process occurring at the cathode in fuel cells. Pt/carbon catalysts have long been known as the most efficient materials for cathode due to its excellent ORR activity. However, their high cost, scarcity, poor long-term durabil [....] » Read More

S Al Sobhi, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- S Al Sobhi
Poster Presentation
S Al Sobhi, University of Southampton, United Kingdom

The Haber –Bosch process is very successful development, and great achievements in the twentieth century for the production of ammonia. The process involves combining pure H2 and N2 directly over a promoted iron catalysts at temperatures of 450-500 ºC and reaction pres [....] » Read More

Ndzondelelo Bingwa, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Ndzondelelo Bingwa
Poster Presentation
Ndzondelelo Bingwa, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

Herein we report on the synthesis, characterization and catalytic evaluation of cobalt (Co) and tin (Sn) oxide catalysts synthesized via the sol-gel approach. Preliminary characterization using nitrogen sorption measurements show the materials as mesoporous with relatively high s [....] » Read More

Reem Ghubayra, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Reem Ghubayra
Poster Presentation
Reem Ghubayra, University of Liverpooll, United Kingdom

Due to increasingly strict environmental regulations, further reduction of sulfur content in transportation fuels is a challenging task. Hydrodesulfurization (HDS) is the most widely used technology for removing sulfur from diesel fuels, which is usually operated at high temperat [....] » Read More

Wenliang Li, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Wenliang Li
Poster Presentation
Wenliang Li, Northeast Normal University, China

Single atom catalysts (SAC) have been investigated extensively for CO oxidation, and penta-graphene (PG) as a new allotrope of carbon has been studied due to its excellent physical and chemical properties. In order to explore the mechanism of CO oxidation and develop the applicat [....] » Read More

Malgorzata Bolt, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Malgorzata Bolt
Poster Presentation
Malgorzata Bolt, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland

Hydrosilylation, which usually refers to addition of silanes to double or triple C-C bounds, is one of the most powerful synthetic methods of production organosilicon compounds. This reaction gives possibility for simple functionalization of many organic compounds and for synthes [....] » Read More

Haiyan Yuan, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Haiyan Yuan
Poster Presentation
Haiyan Yuan, Northeast Normal University, China

Density functional theory (DFT) computations have been utilized to investigate the N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) catalytic reaction mechanism when carbonyl and cyano compounds co-exist. The results suggested that both the carbonyl and cyano compounds can be activated by NHC, while [....] » Read More

Yuki Kawamata, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Yuki Kawamata
Poster Presentation
Yuki Kawamata, Hokkaido University, Japan

Lignocellulose is attractive as carbon resource for substituting fossil resource because of their carbon neutrality. In utilizing lignocellulose, fractionation of its components, such as cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin, is necessary to accomplish high valuable use of them. C [....] » Read More

Abdirahman A Mohamod, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Abdirahman A Mohamod
Poster Presentation
Abdirahman A Mohamod, University of Kuwait, Kuwait

A new approach was employed for the synthesis of Hydroxylated pillar[5]arene-based amphiphiles by a co-cyclization strategy followed by catalytic hydrogenation to remove the pillar[5]arene-bearing benzyl group(s). Conformational mobilities of the units and host–guest comple [....] » Read More

Huanling Xie, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Huanling Xie
Poster Presentation
Huanling Xie, Chongqing University of Technology, China

Global environmental pollution and energy shortage are becoming increasingly prominent and have a significant impact on the living space of human beings. At present, the researches on photocatalytic semiconductor materials in photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants in wa [....] » Read More

Qilong Xie, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Qilong Xie
Poster Presentation
Qilong Xie, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Developing  efficient,  low-cost  and  environmental-friendly  catalysts  is  of  great significance for heterogeneous activation of peroxymonosulfate (PMS) degradation of organic pollutants in environmental remediation and protection field [....] » Read More

Ashouri Akram, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Ashouri Akram
Poster Presentation
Ashouri Akram, University of Kurdistan, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

A novel magnetically separable Pd/Fe3O4 catalyst was synthesized, either through the postgrafting or immobilization of phosphine ligands which is a highly efficient catalyst for the alylation of aldehyde and conversion to alcohol. The prepared catalysts are easily recovered by si [....] » Read More

Seyyed Mohammad Jokar, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Seyyed Mohammad Jokar
Poster Presentation
Seyyed Mohammad Jokar, Shiraz University of Technology, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Haber-Bosch is one of the most common petrochemical processes to generate ammonia from synthesis gas. Unfortunately, the process is usually very expensive, because it is run in high pressures (approximately 220 bar). In this work, a novel dense Pd-Ag membrane reactor is proposed [....] » Read More

Yan Liu, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Yan Liu
Poster Presentation
Yan Liu, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Fischer-Tropsch is an important technology for the efficient use of energy such as coal, natural gas and biomass?which  can  convert  syngas  into  high  value-added  chemicals.  Co-based  catalysts  are  promising  Fisc [....] » Read More

KACI Samira, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- KACI Samira
Poster Presentation
KACI Samira, Research Center on Semiconductor Technology for Energetic, Algeria

In this study, SiC loaded copper particles (Cu-SiC) thin films were elaborated, characterized and studied for photoelectrochemical (PEC) reduction of CO2 into methanol under visible light (λ > 470 nm) irradiation. The SiC thin films were deposited via sputtering method [....] » Read More

Popoola Bukola Margaret, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Popoola Bukola Margaret
Poster Presentation
Popoola Bukola Margaret, Ajayi Crowther University, Nigeria

Bacteria are very useful in protecting the environment. The lipolytic activities of physiologically diverse bacteria have great potential to degrade oil spills in the environment. Fatty acids are the major components of lipids; and the physical, chemical and physiological propert [....] » Read More

Dekui Sun, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Dekui Sun
Poster Presentation
Dekui Sun, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Fischer-Tropsch  is  an  important  technology for  the  efficient  use  of  energy such  as  coal,  natural  gas  and biomass which  can  convert  syngas  into  high  value-added [....] » Read More

Zhihang Chen, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Zhihang Chen
Poster Presentation
Zhihang Chen, Guangdong Key Lab of Water & Air Pollution Control, China

The promotional effect of Co on Cr-Ce catalyst for the selective catalytic reduction of NH3 to N2 was investigated. The catalytic activity and SO2 tolerance of Cr-Ce catalyst were greatly enhanced by the addition of 5wt% Co, in the temperature range of 250oC-350oC. And the N2 sel [....] » Read More

Alon Davidy, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Alon Davidy
E Poster Presentation
Alon Davidy, Heat Transfer Researcher, Israel

An advanced coupled simulation has been performed in order to analyze the performance of re-boiling process of crude petroleum flowing inside reboilers. This work includes analysis of fire heater and crude boiling process. The proposed model is composed from Heptane fire heater a [....] » Read More

Nazym Zhunusbekova, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Nazym Zhunusbekova
E Poster Presentation
Nazym Zhunusbekova, Satbayev University, Kazakhstan

The catalytic hydrogenation of nitro compounds is one of the most important chemical reactions as the product amines are forceful intermediates for the synthesis of various natural and industrial products like agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, dyes, and polymers.1 Through the Multi [....] » Read More

Domna Iordanidou, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Domna Iordanidou
E Poster Presentation
Domna Iordanidou, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

The catalytic hydrogenation of nitro compounds is one of the most important chemical reactions as the product amines are forceful intermediates for the synthesis of various natural and industrial products like agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, dyes, and polymers.1 Through the Multi [....] » Read More

Ioulia Smonou, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Ioulia Smonou
E Poster Presentation
Ioulia Smonou, University of Crete, Greece

The contribution of biocatalysis in asymmetric organic synthesis is of great importance. Biocatalysts show high chemo-, regio- and stereo- selectivity and are active under mild reaction conditions. Asymmetric biocatalytic reduction of ketones is particularly important, since chir [....] » Read More

Ma Quanjin, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Ma Quanjin
E Poster Presentation
Ma Quanjin, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia

Filament winding process is a traditional composite fabrication technique, which is mainly produced for open or close end structures such as vessels, pipes, tanks and domes. Filament winding technique has three winding patterns: hoop, helical and polar winding. Compared to other [....] » Read More

Nazym Z, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Nazym Zhunusbekova
E Poster Presentation
Nazym Z, Satbayev University, Kazakhstan

This paper's aim is improvement and imparting new properties to polymeric complexes in order to obtain fundamentally new materials based on them - polymer-silicate composite materials. In this case, the polymer-silicate composite has properties that differ from the properties [....] » Read More

Jian Zhi Hu, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Jian Zhi Hu
Keynote Presentation
Jian Zhi Hu, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, United States

High resolution magic angle spinning (MAS) NMR is a powerful technique for studying structure and dynamics in a heterogeneous system containing a mixture of e.g., solid, semi-solid, liquid, and gaseous phases.  Due to its intrinsic advantage of probing local structure at mol [....] » Read More

John Zhonghua Zhu, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- John Zhonghua Zhu
Keynote Presentation
John Zhonghua Zhu, The University of Queensland, Australia

Electrochemical water splitting is an effective method for storing electrical energy in the form of H2 fuel, but hurdled by the sluggish anodic oxygen evolution reaction (OER). It is thus important to develop an efficient OER catalyst with large surface area, abundant active site [....] » Read More

M V Tsodikov A, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- M V Tsodikov A
Keynote Presentation
M V Tsodikov A, A.V.Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis RAS, Russian Federation

In recent years, much attention has been paid to the use of renewable biomass as an alternative raw material for the production of fuel components, hydrogen and syngas, as well as important monomers. In this direction, a special role is given to catalytic processes using nanoscal [....] » Read More

Tharwat Mohamed EL Sayed EL Sakran, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Tharwat Mohamed EL-Sayed EL Sakran
Keynote Presentation
Tharwat Mohamed EL Sayed EL Sakran, American University of Sharjah, Saudi Arabia

Converting a RA into a poster is a highly complex, recursive reading-writing activity involving constraints that can impose an overwhelming cognitive load on academic poster designers, thereby adversely affecting their production. This study contributes to a growing, but still re [....] » Read More

Tomas Bruha, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Tomas Bruha
Oral Presentation
Tomas Bruha, Institute of Termomechanics, Czech Republic

The lecture deals with theoretical and experimental study of flow pattern dynamics and its manifestation on liquid surface in flat bottomed and four baffled cylindrical mixing vessel stirred by down pumping six pitched blade turbine. Mixing vessel with inner diameter T= 0.29 m wa [....] » Read More

Marie A F Delgove, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Marie A F Delgove
Oral Presentation
Marie A F Delgove, Aachen-Maastricht Institute for Biobased Materials (AMIBM), Netherlands

Enzymatic reactions are typically perceived, and sometimes claimed, as being greener than the corresponding chemical conversions. The use of water as reaction medium, the selectivity of enzymes to avoid protection/deprotection steps, and the renewable aspect of enzymes are just a [....] » Read More

Rasha Mohamed E N, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Rasha Mohamed El Nashar
Oral Presentation
Rasha Mohamed E N, Cairo University, Egypt

Foot and mouth disease virus (FMDV), is a highly contagious virus due to its ease of transmission. FMDV has seven genetically distinguished serotypes with many subtypes within each serotype. The traditional diagnostic methods of FMDV have demonstrated many drawbacks related to se [....] » Read More

Jaafar K Jawad, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Jaafar K Jawad
Oral Presentation
Jaafar K Jawad, Dean in the International University of Erbil, Iraq

The synthesis of platinum bipy (bipy = 2, 2' – bipyridyl) complexes containing some anionic Group 16 ligands with kinetic studies of the oxidative – addition reaction of MeI to phenoxo platinum (II) complexes are reported. Complexes of the form [ (4- X C6H4E) Pt ( [....] » Read More

Guanghui An, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Guanghui An
Oral Presentation
Guanghui An, Heilongjiang University, China

Pd-catalyzed C−H functionalization of weak-coordinating substrates remained challenging and limited.1 Traditionally, nitrogen-based, strong coordinating groups have been most widely used as directing groups for C(sp3)−H activation, presumably because of the facile cyc [....] » Read More

Hans Wilfried Peter Koops, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Hans Wilfried Peter Koops,
Oral Presentation
Hans Wilfried Peter Koops, HaWilKo GmbH, Ernst Ludwig Strasse, Ober-Ramstadt, Germany, CEO, Germany

A Novel and revolutionary way of Energy harvesting from the IR-Emission by Greenhouse gases to the earth is presented. On Earth a detector layer is used having sub-micro-meter thickness from a Nano-granular deposit from Platinum crystals with 800 atoms, which are totally embedded [....] » Read More

Marco Paulo Gomes S L, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Marco Paulo Gomes Sousa Lucas
Oral Presentation
Marco Paulo Gomes S L, Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Portugal

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Masahiko Hada, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Masahiko Hada
Oral Presentation
Masahiko Hada, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

In recent studies, Nomura and his coworkers found a good relationship between the catalytic activity and the vanadium chemical shift (51V-NMR) for the (imido) vanadium complex in ethylene polymerization. They deduced that the high catalytic reactivity originates from stabilizatio [....] » Read More

Can Erkey, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Can Erkey
Oral Presentation
Can Erkey, Koc University, Turkey

Cu-chabazites (CHA) are widely used as catalysts for NOx abatement using NH3-SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology within the aftertreatment systems (ATS) of the diesel engines. The design and calibration of ATS are usually accomplished with the help of engine dynamomete [....] » Read More

Matumuene Joe N, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Matumuene Joe Ndolomingo
Oral Presentation
Matumuene Joe N, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

The selective hydrogenation of levulinic acid, LA to γ-valerolactone, GVL in water and solvent-free systems using metal oxides supported noble and base-metal nanoparticles was investigated. Highly stable and meso- structured TiO2, NiO and MnO2 were synthesized using an inve [....] » Read More

Haruka Aihara, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Haruka Aihara
Oral Presentation
Haruka Aihara, Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan

Treatment of accumulated radioactive liquid waste in laboratories is urgent task not only for the storage space but also for safety management of the facilities. Liquid wastes generated by R&D activities often contain various reactive reagents. Since the liquid waste has to b [....] » Read More

Elaine Yoshiko Matsubara, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Elaine Yoshiko Matsubara
Oral Presentation
Elaine Yoshiko Matsubara, University of São Paulo, Brazil

In  the  present  study,  we  addressed  the  palladium  (Pd)  decoration  of  multiwalled  carbon  nanotube (CNT)/activated  carbon  (AC)  hybrid  composites  (MWCNT/AC),  and  ex [....] » Read More

Bhoopendra Tiwari, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Bhoopendra Tiwari
Oral Presentation
Bhoopendra Tiwari, Centre of Biomedical Research, India

A concise and catalytic preparation of multi-functionalized scaffolds in a stereoselective manner is highly desired in organic synthesis. This can be achieved via one-pot multicomponent reactions or domino reactions. The most of the success in this arena has come using toxic and [....] » Read More

Arash Goshtasbi Asl, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Arash Goshtasbi Asl
Oral Presentation
Arash Goshtasbi Asl, Technology Consultant, DFK Company, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

The multi-purpose catalyst test Setup can be employed as a live-maquette of industrial design that allows for the possibility of thermodynamic research (System PVT) and the extraction of basic data for simulation. Parallel form of fixed bed, CSTR and Moving Bed reactors in this p [....] » Read More

Sana Kabdrakhmanova, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Sana Kabdrakhmanova
Oral Presentation
Sana Kabdrakhmanova, Kazakh National Research Technical University, Kazakhstan

The development of nanomaterials and nanotechnology makes it possible to create new catalysts, which in turn can be successfully used to solve various problems, in particular, for the reductive dechlorination of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and the production of valuable [....] » Read More