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Yan Liu, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Title : Cobalt aluminate modified alumina as a carrier for cobalt in Fischer Tropsch synthesis


Fischer-Tropsch is an important technology for the efficient use of energy such as coal, natural gas and biomass?which  can  convert  syngas  into  high  value-added  chemicals.  Co-based  catalysts  are  promising  Fischer- Tropsch synthesis industrial catalysts due to their excellent carbon growth ability and low water vapor shift reaction. In order to improve the performance of Co-based catalysts, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive and in-depth study and exploration of its Fischer-Tropsch synthesis mechanism. Modified alumina carriers were obtained by pre- coating  cobalt  aluminate  on  the  surface  of  common  alumina.  Next,  supported  cobalt  catalysts  were  obtained  by incipient  wetness  impregnation,  and  their  FTS  performances  were  evaluated  in  a  fixed-bed  reactor.  In  situ  XRD results  suggested  that  HCP  Co  was  obtained  after  reducing  the  aluminate-modified  alumina-supported  cobalt catalysts, as opposed to FCC Co, which was supported on common alumina. H2-TPR results demonstrated that the modified catalysts possessed lower reduction temperatures. CO-TPD and in situ CO-FTIR characterizations indicated that bridged rather than linear CO adsorption occurred on the modified catalysts. 

The evaluation results indicated that the aluminate-modified catalysts possessed higher CO conversion rates, higher C5 selectivity, higher cobalt specific activity, higher C5+ space-time yields (STYs), and lower methane selectivity than conventional catalysts in the FTS process.


Liu Yan, Ph.D., Industrial Catalysis, Assistant Research Fellow, Shanxi Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, is mainly engaged in the research and development of new Fischer-Tropsch synthesis catalysts and supporting technologies. He has published 21 academic papers and obtained 17 authorized patents.