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Soyeb Pathan, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute (QEERI), Qatar
Title : Catalytic CO2 valorisation to building block molecules


Valorisation of CO2, an abundant C-1 feedstock, to platform chemicals could contribute to support the goals of energy transition, and reduce environmental impact and carbon footprint [1]. Although significant advances have been made in the area of CO2 transformation to valuable organic compounds, however the more challenging as well as complicated selective syntheses have recently become a subject of increasing attention. However, due to inherent thermodynamic stability of CO2, the development of suitable catalytic systems for the desired transformations is vital for its activation. 

In consideration of the above aspects, palladium and chelating phosphine ligands based- catalytic systems were developed for CO2 valorisation (Scheme 1). The influence of various phosphine ligands were studied in the presence of Pd(acac)2 to develop superior catalytic system compared to the known systems [2-4], for synthesis of δ-lactone from 1,3-butadiene and CO2 in high selectivity and yield. Further, in order to valorize δ-lactone to other monomers, catalytic system was developed for the alkoxycarbonylation of δ-lactone to produce novel unsaturated diesters. Moreover, these unsaturated diesters were selectively hydrogenated to saturated or mono-saturated diesters, or 2-ethyloctane-1,8-diol which provide new opportunities for synthesis of novel building blocks for functional materials and renewable polymers. Preliminary results towards heterogeneous catalyst material development will also be presented.


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