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Hans Wilfried Peter Koops, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
HaWilKo GmbH, Ernst Ludwig Strasse, Ober-Ramstadt, Germany, CEO, Germany
Title : Energy flux from the sun and the greenhouse gases in the infrared to the earth harvested as boson-supply in platinum-fullerene compound material and as source of electrons for electrical applications


A Novel and revolutionary way of Energy harvesting from the IR-Emission by Greenhouse gases to the earth is presented. On Earth a detector layer is used having sub-micro-meter thickness from a Nano-granular deposit from Platinum crystals with 800 atoms, which are totally embedded in at least 2 layers of Fullerene-crystals (C60). These can absorb during day and at night up to 10^28 photons/m², and store and deliver at room temperature the energy to the user. Using a 2 metal compound wire helps with its potential to release electrons from the detector as a supply for work.


Dr. Koops studied electron-optics with Prof. Möllenstedt for PhD at University Tübingen, DE in 1971.The changed to Prof. Scherzer at TU Darmstadt for chromatically and spherically correction of aberrations in the TEM. He worked at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in State of New York for 1,5 Years (1985-87) on single beam material deposition. 1989: Deutsche Telekom Res. Ctr. Darmstadt, high resolution electron beams. In 2000 he founded NaWoTec GmbH for E-Beam mask-repair, now as ZEISS world market leader. 2006 retired. 2009 to 2015 Consultant at Hitachi High Technology, Japan. Chief of HaWilKo GmbH. 165 Papers, including 60 patents.