HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Rome, Italy or Virtually from your home or work.
Ahmet Haxhiaj, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
University of Mitrovica, Kosova
Title : Environment management and advancing technological processes for technical lead production


In this talk we aim to present the analyses of the composition of agglomerate that is used in Shahte-water-jacket furnace in Trepça. It is also analyzed the theoretical and real consumption of the coke for technical lead produced. The aim of the research is to optimize the parameters of the technological process in order to increase quantity of the technical lead produced by minimizing the quantity of lead in agglomerate and gases in the furnace. The data presented are supported in the work of Shahte furnace and are a result of the theoretical and experimental study of the quantity of scoria and the percentage of the lead in the scoria. The presentation especially emphases the increase of the technical lead and minimizing the quantity of the lead in the scoria. The research also emphasizes the reduction in energy consumption and the improvements in the environment protection. The Insitiute Vniicvetrnet has concluded that the future of the lead metallurgy and lead production with economic and environmental sustainability stands on the processes with direct reactive melting in the Kivcet Process. The research has analyzed Kivcet processes for the possibility of utilizing it in the lead production in Trepça Company.


Professor Ahmet Haxhiaj was entitled PhD by University of Prishtina, Faculty of Mining and Metalurgy, with topic "Intensify and Optimize the Reductive Process of Melting the Lead Agglomerate in Port-Piri Furnace" in 2003.  In 1989 he finished post-graduate studies at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Metallurgy, Sisak. He studied Metallurgy Science and presented a master thesis in "Materials and Heat Balance in Port-Piri Furnace". In 1978 graduated in the topic "Indium Composition in Products and Inter--products of Lead and Zinc, and Seperation Process of Extracting Indium in Trepça. He currently lectures in the Department of Metallurgy and Materials, Faculty of Geoscience, University of Mitrovica and Faculty of Applied Arts at University of Peja. He published more than 42 papers and is a member of the Alb-shkenca board. Since 2016 is the Editing Chief on IJMPEM "International Journal Minerals Processing Extractive Metallurgy. In 1983-1993 he worked in the Zastava laboratory in Peja në thermal processing and was the manager of four projects in this field. In 1978-1983 he worked in the Lead Metallurgy in Zveqan, Trepça.