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Zhihang Chen, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
Guangdong Key Lab of Water & Air Pollution Control, China
Title : Selective catalysis reduction of NO by NH3 over Co/Cr Ce catalysis at mid low temperature


The promotional effect of Co on Cr-Ce catalyst for the selective catalytic reduction of NH3 to N2 was investigated. The catalytic activity and SO2 tolerance of Cr-Ce catalyst were greatly enhanced by the addition of 5wt% Co, in the temperature range of 250oC-350oC. And the N2 selective of Cr-Ce had been highly enhanced from 40 to 98% at 240oC. With addition of Co, Ce4+ species on surface was led to a better dispersion, as a result the redox properties of the catalysis was enhanced. Moreover, Co carried out the reaction towards the conversion of N2, the 5wt% Co/Ce-Cr catalyst reduced the formation of NH4NO2, and the SCR reaction over Co/Cr-Ce followed the Eley-Rideal mechanism.


Dr. Chen studied Chemical Engineering at Guangxi University & Tsinghua University, China and graduated as MS in 2003. He received his PhD degree in 2009 at South China University of Technology, China. After that he entered to South China Institute of Environmental Sciences (SCIES), Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China to work, he obtained the position of a Professor at the SCIES in 2016. He has published more than 30 research articles in journals (such as Journal of Catalysis, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, et al.), and obtained more than 15 patents.