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Hanan A Althikrallah, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
Hanan A Althikrallah
University of Liverpool, United Kingdom


Hanan Althikrallah is currently a PhD student in Chemistry Department at the University of Liverpool, UK. She has a scholarship holder sponsored by the Government of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She completed her BSc degree in Science & Education Chemistry in 2005 from King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia. Master degree of Science in Advanced Chemical Sciences was finished in 2017 from University of Liverpool, UK. Her research interest’s center around the study of multifunctional catalysis for the conversion of biomass-derived molecules to value-added organic chemicals and transportation fuels, using heterogeneous catalysis. As the catalysts, oxides and oxide-like compounds possessing acid-base properties modified by platinum group metals will be investigated. This has economic and environmental feasibility, which is to reduce the cost of production and energy consumed.