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Yuchen Gao, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Tsinghua University, China
Title : Study on biogas dry reforming using Ni catalysts and impurity effects


Biogas is a typical renewable bio-energy derived from anaerobic digestion process, mainly composed of methane and carbon dioxide. Dry reforming is a promising technology which can utilize biogas and produce syngas. In this study, Ni catalysts using different supports were synthesized and characterized systematically via N2-physisorption, XRD, TEM, EDS, XPS, H2-TPR and TGA. The catalytic activity and stability of different catalysts was investigated under 600-850 ?. It was found that the Ni/MgO catalyst is a promising catalytic material which showed both good activity and stability due to the strong interaction between Ni and support. Besides, as impurities like H2S, O2 and N2 exist in biogas; they cannot be ignored during biogas dry reforming. Therefore the effect of H2S in different concentrations on biogas reforming was also focused on. Experimental results based on Ni/MgO catalyst as well as a review of recent studies concerning impurity effects are shown, suggesting that impurities even in trace amount can affect the performance of reforming. This research provides a useful reference for industrial operation of biogas dry reforming.


Ms. Yuchen Gao studied Environmental Engineering at Tsinghua University and achieved bachelor degree in 2016. Then she joined the research group of Prof. Jianguo Jiang at Tsinghua University for Ph. D study and will graduate in 2021. Her research interest mainly includes biogas reforming, catalysis and solid waste utilization. She has published 16 research articles in SCI(E) journals.