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Renato Froidevauxa, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Renato Froidevauxa
Institut Charles Viollette – University of Lille, France


He received his PhD degree in 2001 at the University of Lille. Now he is professor in Enzyme Engineering and Biotechnology at the same institution in the Charles Viollette Institute. He started his career in bioactive peptide production by enzymatic way and the development of reactors. From 2014, he works on the development of “hybrid catalysis” concept, resulting in the combination of bio- and chemo-catalysis.  He is leader of a team in Biotechnology/Biotransformation which is a constituent team of Viollette Institute. He has been coordinator of national projects on hybrid catalysis development (2015-2018 GENESYS; Program Research 2016-2018 with IFMAS). He is partner of BIOHEC project (European project Life+, 2016-2020) for biodiesel production from cooked oils. He is part of the user Committee of REALCAT platform. 6PhD already supervised, 4PhD ongoing, 4 postdoctoral already followed. He has published more than 35 publications in peer review journals, 2 book chapters, 1 patent.