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Gopinathan Nair M Anilkumar, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
R&D Center, Japan
Title : Anode electrode catalyst for liquid fueled solid alkaline fuel cells (SAFCs)


The R&D center of Noritake Company Ltd. is actively involved in the development of materials for FC application (PEMFC, SOFC and SAFC) with advanced properties. Highly porous, anion conducting, flexible substrates, consisting of an anionic clay (Mg-Al LDH) coated PVDF substrates were made for applications like, in the development of anion conducting pore filling membranes (1-2). In collaboration with IIR of Tokyo Institute of Technology, novel electro catalyst materials for liquid fuel oxidation are being developed by the rational selection of conditions leading to morphology control of the catalyst and the substrate material. As an alternative fuel resource to hydrogen, liquid fuels such as ethanol, ethylene glycol, liquid formate etc., an ambient temperature fuel with advantages like easy handling, storage and transportation definitely scores over hydrogen. Out various liquid fuels, Formate (HCOO- ) is considerably less toxic and environmentally benign compared to other liquid fuels such as methanol and liquid ammonia. Furthermore, HCOO- can be regenerated by the electro-reduction of CO2, making formate a viable fuel for liquid fuel cell application. Several palladium based electrocatalyst nano alloys are being developed with superior activity and stability towards liquid fuel oxidation in alkaline medium (3-5). Some of the materials and technologies developed for alkaline fuel cells will be detailed in the presentation.


Present position: Deputy General Manager, R&D Center, Noritake Co., Ltd., Japan. (2006 ~)
Research Experience : >20 years of R&D experience in the field of ceramics/materials chemistry 
Ph. D (Chemistry) : Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) –NIIST, India (1999)
Post Doctoral :  The University of Tokyo, Japan (2003) ; Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea (2002) ; KOSEF  Fellow, South Korea (2001)
International Publications: > 50, Patents: 15 ;  Presentations- National/International: >50