Stanislaw Dzwigaj, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
Keynote Presentation
Stanislaw Dzwigaj, Sorbonne University, France

The metal ions well dispersed at zeolite framework are considered to be active sites of catalytic processes. Therefore, the incorporation of these metals into zeolites as isolated tetrahedral sites appears to be the important task. We have earlier shown that the incorporation of [....] » Read More

Jose C Conesa, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Jose C Conesa, Institute of Catalysis and Petroleum Chemistry, Spain

Many sulphide semiconductors are photocatalytically active in significant ranges of the visible spectrum; our group has shown this, specifically, for In2S3 and SnS2. Furthermore, by including V in these sulphides we have shown how their photocatalytic activities can be further ex [....] » Read More

Osman Adiguzel, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Osman Adiguzel
Keynote Presentation
Osman Adiguzel, Firat university, Turkey

Some materials take place in class of advanced smart materials with adaptive properties and   stimulus response to the external changes. Shape memory alloys take place in this group, exhibiting a peculiar property called shape memory effect, which is characterized by th [....] » Read More

Chau Ming So, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Chau Ming So, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Aryl bromides, chlorides, and triflates are the most widely used electrophiles in pharmaceutical, industrial, and routine synthesis. However, having the approximate reactivity order of C−I> C−Br?C−OTf>> C−Cl, we are still always struggling with mu [....] » Read More

Mabuatsela Maphoru, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Mabuatsela Maphoru, Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa

Oxidation of phenols and naphthols is an important goal in fine chemical synthesis [1]. These reactions are essential for the formation biologically active compounds, which are central building blocks for many synthetic and natural products [2]. The products obtained from these r [....] » Read More

Vahide Nuran Mutlu, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Vahide Nuran Mutlu, SOCAR Turkey Research & Development and Innovation Inc., Turkey

Alkyl glucosides are non-ionic chemicals with excellent properties such as low toxicity and good biodegradability. They have attracted the interest of researchers due to their diverse applications as food emulsifiers, personal care products, cleaning agents, textile lubricants, d [....] » Read More

Frederick Nti, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Frederick Nti, Deakin University, Australia

Organic ionic plastic crystals (OIPCs) combine some advantages of liquid electrolytes and ion-conducting ceramic electrolytes in the form of nonvolatile, nonflammable, and mechanically stable electrolytes that improve electrolyte/electrode interfacial contact and have good therma [....] » Read More

Cristina Paul, Speaker at Green Chemistry Conferences
Poster Presentation
Cristina Paul, Politehnica University Timisoara, Romania

Immobilized lipases are excellent biocatalysts for the enzymatic synthesis of short- and medium-chain fatty esters used as food flavour compounds. However, because its catalytic activity greatly depends on the selected immobilization method, it is necessary to customize the immob [....] » Read More

Vahide Nuran Mutlu, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Poster Presentation
Vahide Nuran Mutlu, SOCAR Turkey Research & Development and Innovation Inc., Turkey

Hydrogen has gained an increasing importance as secondary energy vector due to the urgent requirement of CO2-notr energy storage and transformation. However, the nature of hydrogen requires dedicated infrastructures, and this has prevented so far the introduction of elemental hyd [....] » Read More

Anne M Gaffney, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Anne M Gaffney, University of South Carolina, United States

To address the issue of waste plastics in landfills, a hybrid approach is proposed. This would use low temperature plasma pretreatment followed by catalytic cracking to augment the conversion of waste polyolefins into monomers, intermediates, new polymers and value-added chemical [....] » Read More

Nikolaos C Kokkinos, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Nikolaos C Kokkinos, International Hellenic University, Greece

Laboratories and institutes usually consume resources for further studying novel catalytic reactions and not so much for scaling them up into industrial catalytic processes and training professionals to use them. On the other hand, chemical industry keens on turnkey solutions. Th [....] » Read More

M A Martin Luengo, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Keynote Presentation
M A Martin Luengo, Institute of Materials Science of Madrid, Spain

Sub-products from the agricultural industry are being employed as renewable low cost raw materials in the design of Ecomaterials and substances for use in a number of industrial processes of great interest. These materials can compete with conventional ones since with this proces [....] » Read More

Ramesh C Gupta, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Ramesh C Gupta, Nagaland University, India

The biological output of a molecule depends on its physical - chemical characters .However, chemicals are not single minded and in differ environment they may change their behaviour leading to mostly desired outcome. In zest biocatalyst utilize living systems in total or their pa [....] » Read More

Talekh Gahramanov, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Talekh Gahramanov, Baku State University, Azerbaijan

In order to increase para-selectivity of ZSM-5 zeolites with different contents of rare-earth metals (REM) by impregnation the modified catalysts were prepared and used in the reaction of toluene and ethylbenzene alkylation with methanol and ethanol. The acid properties and micro [....] » Read More

Omvir Singh, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Omvir Singh, CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum, India

In this study, a Zn-based metal-organic framework-zeolite composite [email protected] was synthesised for an alternative production of BTX from isopropyl alcohol (IPA). Incorporation ensured the capacity of tuning the Lewis acidity at a framework level and designing accessible pore s [....] » Read More

Sagarkumar Yogesh Dhanuskar, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Sagarkumar Yogesh Dhanuskar, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India

The continuously increasing population and industrialization have triggered a demand for fossil fuels. Thus, rising demand resulted in an exponential increase in the amount of anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions and other gases produced during the consumption of non-renewable [....] » Read More

Swathi Swaminathan, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Swathi Swaminathan, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India

Plasmon resonances represent a strong form of light-matter interaction, which enables the transfer of energy from photons to hot charge carriers. These charge carriers are agents that aid the photochemical transformation of molecules chemisorbed on nanoparticles. The majority of [....] » Read More

Wenxue Han, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Wenxue Han, China University of Petroleum, China

Carbon isotopic anomaly occurs in the central gas field of the Ordos Basin (δ13C1 > δ13C2), and natural gas is mainly stored in the Ordovician Majiagou Formation dolomite (OMFD). Inorganic geochemical characteristics of the OMFD, including oxygen, carbon, strontium [....] » Read More

Anjali Patel, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Anjali Patel, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, India

Polyoxometalates chemistry is a key emerging area that promises the development of a new generation materials which finds numerous applications in the areas of material science, medicine and catalysis. A discrete class of metal-oxygen clusters, Polyoxometalates (POMs) have gained [....] » Read More

Birce Pekmezci Karaman, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Birce Pekmezci Karaman, Gazi University, Turkey

Bio-oil produced from biomass is regarded as a promising alternative fuel source for transportation in the future. However, some properties of bio-oil, such as high water and oxygen content, strong acidity, and low heating value, prevents it use as a fuel source in current engine [....] » Read More

Daviel Gomez Acosta, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Poster Presentation
Daviel Gomez Acosta, University of Concepcion, Chile

The catalytic CO2 hydrogenation to chemicals and energy carriers are nowadays a very active research field due to their relevance for energy and environmental objectives. Cu-based catalysts promoted with different oxides are the most studied due to their low cost and high activit [....] » Read More

Gaukhar Yergaziyeva, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Gaukhar Yergaziyeva
Poster Presentation
Gaukhar Yergaziyeva, Institute of Combustion Problems, Kazakhstan

Thermal catalytic decomposition (TCD) of methane is an efficient hydrogen production technology with the lowest carbon oxide emissions. TCD methane is an endothermic one-step reaction, which is essential for the following reasons: firstly, the large number of natural reserves of [....] » Read More

Dmitry Nikushchenko, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Dmitry Nikushchenko, Saint-Petersburg State Marine Technical University, Russian Federation

A numerical study of the anomalous intensification of turbulent heat transfer is performed for the initial hydrodynamic section of a long flat plate with a single row dense package of 16 inclined Oval Trench Dimples (OTD). Multiblock computing technologies with multiscale overlap [....] » Read More

Eugenio Meloni, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Eugenio Meloni
Keynote Presentation
Eugenio Meloni, University of Salerno, Italy

In the Paris Agreement of 2015, UN member states agreed to limit global warming to 2°C versus pre-industrial levels. This would imply reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 80 to 95 % of the 1990 level by 2050. In 2019, the United Nations announced that over 60 countries [....] » Read More

Ahmet Haxhiaj, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Ahmet Haxhiaj
Keynote Presentation
Ahmet Haxhiaj, University of Mitrovica, Kosova

In this talk we aim to present the analyses of the composition of agglom  erate that is used in Shahte-water-jacket furnace in Trepça. It is also analyzed the theoretical and real consumption of the coke for technical lead produced. The aim of the research is to optim [....] » Read More

Neha Choudhary, Speaker at Green Engineering Events
Oral Presentation
Neha Choudhary, IIT-INDORE, India

Herein, we report the bimetallic CuNi-11 nanocatalyst for direct carboxylation of arenes with excellent yield. Combined catalytic experiments and Density Functional Theory (DFT) calculations provide mechanistic insights revealing the interplay of the individual metals in the form [....] » Read More

Abdulaziz Alturki, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Oral Presentation
Abdulaziz Alturki, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia

Petroleum refineries consume slightly over 5.83 quadrillions Btu of energy per year, about 7.7 % of total energy consumption in the United States in 2019 and about 22% of total industrial energy consumption. Although only a small portion of refinery fuel is crude oil; energy cons [....] » Read More

Atena Naeimi, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Atena Naeimi, University of Jiroft, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Utilizing the agro waste banana, baggage and sisal are raw material and polyvinyl alcohol as resin for manufacturing of composite material. Composites are combination of at least two distinctly different materials, which combined together provide an engineering performance that b [....] » Read More

Ali Zazi, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Ali Zazi, University Mouloud Mammeri of Tizi ouzou, Algeria

The Catalysts materials Ni-SiO2 , Ni-Co-SiO2 and Ni-Ce-SiO2 were synthetized by classical method impregnation and supported by silica.This involves combing the silica with an adequate rate of the solution of nickel nitrates, or nickel nitrate and cobalt nitrate, or nickel nitrate [....] » Read More

Hossam Ahmed Aly Moustafa Teama, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Hossam Ahmed Aly Moustafa Teama, Abu Qir Fertilizers and Chemical Industries Company, Egypt

The main objective of this work is to achieve a high performance membrane with respect to flux and rejection characteristics, with good hydrophilicity and mechanical properties by blending the main polymer cellulose acetate with polymers having desired qualities. The cellulose ac [....] » Read More

Hamed Aboelkhair, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Hamed Aboelkhair, The British University in Egypt, Egypt

Three main limitations affect the robustness of the synthetic surfactant flooding in oil reservoirs, which are environmental impacts, synthetic surfactant cost, and oil price. Increasing ecological concerns, biotechnology development, and the rise of more rigorous environmental l [....] » Read More

Carlos Ruben Suarez Gavidia, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Events
Poster Presentation
Carlos Ruben Suarez Gavidia, National University of San Marcos, Peru

Cu-Ni alloys are widely used in mining and metallurgical work, in the chemical industry due to their high resistance to corrosion, mechanical and catalytic properties. Furthermore, Cu-Ni alloys have received much attention for their thermophysical and magnetic properties and are [....] » Read More

Juliana Sousa, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Poster Presentation
Juliana Sousa, International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL), Portugal

The catalytic behavior of materials in liquid-phase hydrogenation of aqueous nitrate depends on the metallic phase, preparation procedure and nature of support, which greatly impact on the surface atomic arrangements and formation of bimetallic particles. The drawback of water-ph [....] » Read More