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Sudip Kumar Das, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
University of Calcutta, India
Title : Bioremediation of Methylene blue from the aqueous environment using bamboo leaves and its acid-treated forms as biosorbent


Bamboo leaves (BL) and their two acids-treated forms H2SO4 (SBL) and H3PO4 (PBL), have been applied as bio-sorbents for the removal of methylene blue (MB) from its aqueous solution. The effects of different operating parameters like pH, bio-sorbent quantity, the contact time, initial concentration of MB and temperature are investigated. Several kinetic models have been applied to fit the kinetic data, which can be clarified well by the pseudo-2nd-order model. The isotherm data fit well with the Langmuir model with maximum bio-sorption capacity, for PBL is 181.172 mg/g at 298 K. The sorption energy was calculated from the Dubinin-Radushkevich (DR) isotherm and confirmed the physisorption. The 13C NMR and FTIR outcomes displayed that several functional groups of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin are associated with eradicating MB. The adsorption mechanism is also established. Also, the percentage elimination of MB has been fruitfully predicted by multiple polynomial regression (MLR) and genetic algorithms (GA). The method of the safe disposal of the used adsorbents was also reported.

Audience take-away:

  • In rural areas of the 3rd World countries, many small and medium-sized industries generate wastewater containing heavy metals and dyes. These industries are not in a position to treat their wastewater before discharge due to financial constraint. This wastewater enters the local water bodies or the agricultural fields and ultimately enters the food chain.
  • This adsorptive technique benefits these industries as the adsorbents are locally available practically free of cost.


Prof. Sudip Kumar Das passed B. Sc. (Chemistry Hons.) & B. Tech. (Chemical Engineering) from the University of Calcutta, M.Tech. and Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering)  from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. At present he is professor in the Chemical Engineering Department, University of Calcutta. He worked in different fields of engineering, like multiphase flow, fluidization & inverse fluidization, wastewater treatment technology, Adsorptive removal of heavy metals and dyes, Artificial Intelligence, Process Safety and Resilience engineering of process design. He published 215 papers in SCI journals and presented more than 250 papers in National/International Seminars. The hi index is 37,  i10 index is 97 and citation 7196.