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Vikas Kumar Sangal, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur, India
Title : Treatment of Pharmaceutical effluent in Pilot-scale once through reactor systems by dual process (photocatalysis and photo-Fenton) using In-situ novel catalyst


Treatment of pharmaceutical effluent in Pilot-scale once through solar reactor systems was done. Reactor in series and compound parabolic concentration reactor system was used. The catalyst beads for fixed bed reactor was prepared by coating of TiO2 nanocatalyst on novel composite beads made up of waste foundry sand (FS) and fuller’s earth (FE), both being good source of iron. These composite beads works as a surface for the coating of TiO2 along with enabling the iron leaching, thus leading to the in-situ dual effect of photocatalysis and photo-Fenton. Optimization of various parameters like a number of beads, treatment time, the dosage of H2O2 using batch and the continuous re-circulation mode reactor has been studied in the sunlight. The dual effect was effective in eliminating the complex compounds present in the effluent as confirmed through GC–MS analysis along with the significant reduction in (COD)  Cost analysis of the overall treatment was also evaluated of the prototype for the complete revelation of the dual process for commercial-scale applications. The composite beads was effectively recycled for more than 150 cycles without loss in activity of catalyst. The intactness of dual activity during recycles was confirmed through various characterization techniques like XRD, SEM-EDS, FTIR and UV-DRS. Retention of dual catalytic activity without much deterioration even after so much recycles confirms its applications at industrial scale. The novel technique of in-situ dual process particularly in fixed-mode envisaged by using renewable energy and durable catalyst can represent a practical solution to various industries for the treatment of wastewater comprising of bio-recalcitrant pollutants.

Audience take-away:

  • Recycling/reuse of Industrial waste like Fly-ash, Foundry Sand for their applications in waste water treatment through innovative ways
  • Audience will learn about insitu dual process for the wastewater treatment.
  • This research unlocks the new horizon towards the degradation of wastewater employing large scale dual effect.


Dr. Vikas Kumar Sangal, presently working as Associate Professor, in department of Chemical Engineering at MNIT Jaipur, India. He has more than 20 years of Professional and research Experience. The major areas of his research are Industrial Pollution Abatement, Modelling and Simulation, Photocatalytic oxidation, Water and Wastewater Treatment. He published 65 articles in SCI Journals and many conference publications. He also published 06 Book/Chapter. He has supervised 08 Ph.D.  Scholars, 23 master students and currently guiding 05 PhD research scholars. Dr. Sangal is fellow of the Institution of Engineers India, Life Member of Indian   Institute of Chemical Engineers, NAARRI and InDA.