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Prakash Kumar Sarangi, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
Central Agricultural University, India
Title : Ferulic acid esterase as biocatalyst in lignin biorefinery having industrial applications


Ferulic acid (FA) chemically known as 4-hydroxy-3-methoxycinnamic acid is a ubiquitous phenolic compound in plant tissues. It is the most abundant hydroxycinnamic acid widely found in vegetables, fruits and some beverages. This compound has been reported to possess many physiological functions such as antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-thrombosis anti-cancer activities etc.  It is one of the metabolites of lignin biosynthesis and is found both in free and conjugated form in plants. These are found covalently linked to polysaccharides by ester bonds and to components of lignin by ester or ether bonds. Ferulic acid esterase ( FAEs EC being a subclass of the carboxylic acid esterases  plays a central role in degradation of intricate structure of the plant cell wall  by  cleavage of ester bonds between hydroxycinnamic acids esterified to arabinoxylans (AXs) and certain pectins present in plant cell walls. Various studies were conducted regarding the action of FAE by using different microorganisms for production of ferulic acid. Varieties of crop residues those are rich in lignocellulosic biomass could act as a renewable resource for the extraction of FA having wide range of applications in food and pharmaceutical industries.

Audiences take-away:

  • Audiences will get information about bioconversion of waste biomass towards production of  wide array of biochemicals having long applications in industrial sectors. The mode of enzymatic actions and routes into various metabolites will be learnt from this speech. Additionally, role of microbial originated FAE and their actions will be cleared from the concept.


Dr. Prakash Kumar Sarangi is a Scientist with specialization in Microbiology at the Central Agricultural University in Imphal, India. Dr. Sarangi’s research is focused on bioprocess engineering, biochemicals, waste biomass utilization and sustainable development. His expertise is in bioconversion of biomass into biofuels, biochemicals and nutraceuticals, as well as environmental waste remediation. He has taken leading roles as the investigators in different R&D projects on biomass conversion and microbial biodegradation into value-added products. He has more than 12 years of teaching and research experience in Biochemical Engineering, Microbial Biotechnology, Downstream Processing and Food Microbiology. He is serving as the Editorial Board member for many international journals.