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Ramesh C Gupta, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
Ramesh C Gupta
Nagaland University, India


Dr. Ramesh Gupta is former consultant RNB Global University Bikaner India & former vice chancellor of Radha Govind University and Pro Vice Chancellor of Nagaland Central university India, had obtained PhD as the age of 23 years He received his Bachelor of Science in Biochemical Science, and Master of Science in organic chemistry, and Doctorate in Chemistry at Lucknow University India, on Drug Development. Dr. Ramesh Gupta is a Medicinal & Bioorganic Chemist and has worked for several years as visiting professor/Scientist in various Medical schools; Louis pasture University France, University of Arizona USA, Osaka University & Nagoya University Japan, Kyung Hee University, Korea advance institute of science and technology (KAIST) Korea, Ben-Gurion University Israel, Linkoping University Sweden, University of Mons Belgium, University of Western Australia, Sydney ,University of Bergen ,Norway  and some others. Prof Gupta’s research focuses on the Natural & Synthetic Drug Development, role of sulphur amino acids in health care, functional food, nutraceuticals and environmental Biotechnology & gender issues.

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