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Hiroki Sonokawa, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
Niigata University, Japan
Title : Highly active molecular catalyst of a dinuclear ruthenium (II) complex for water oxidation


Widespread attention has recently been paid to artificial photosynthesis to resolve problems of environment and energy storage because a clean fuel such carbohydrate and hydrogen can be directly produced from water by abundant solar light. There is great interest in development of highly active catalysts for water oxidation, since catalysts for water oxidation are essential in construction of artificial photosynthesis. Mononuclear and dinuclear ruthenium complexes have been extensively studied as catalysts for water oxidation. Herein we report unique synthesis of a new series of dinuclear ruthenium (II) complexes. The highly activity of catalysts for water oxidation by these derivatives in homogeneous solution will be discussed.


Hiroki Sonokawa graduated from Niigata University (Japan) in 2018 and went on to graduate school in Niigata University.