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Sudhanshu Dhar Dwivedi

Leading speaker for catalysis conferences - Sudhanshu Dhar Dwivedi

Title: The role of catalyst to enhance the reduction of Environmental pollution by modern technology

Sudhanshu Dhar Dwivedi

Govt Benazir Science And Commerce College, India


1. Appointed in Higher Education Dept. Govt. of M.P. as Asst. Prof. in Oct. 1985
2. Served as Joint Director Sports & Youth Welfare, Madhya Pradesh for two years.
3. Served as General Manager, M.P. Text Book Corporation on deputation to School Education Dept. For two & half years.
4. Served as Additional Secretary, Board of Secondary Education, Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal


The role of catalysis in the reduction of the environmental pollution and in the improvement of the quality of life is discussed both in terms of end of pipe applications and pollution prevention strategies. This view is exemplified by presenting the key applications of heterogeneous catalysis in mobile and stationary air de-pollution devices, in waste water treatments, in the development of clean new fuels, such as hydrogen and biodiesel and in the fuel cells development. Emerging catalytic technologies as well as problems related to the use of heterogeneous catalysts are also mentioned. Environmental catalysis has continuously grown in importance over the last 2 decades not only in terms of the world wide catalyst market, but also as a driver of advances in the whole area of catalysis. The development of innovative “environmental” catalyst is also the crucial factor towards the objective of developing a new sustainable industrial chemistry. In the last decade, considerable expansion of the traditional area of environmental catalysis (mainly NOX removal from stationary and mobile source, and VOC conversion) has also occurred. Therefore, a significant change has occurred in the last decade in the areas of interest regarding environmental catalyst and in the modality of approaching the research.

Audience Take away: 

•    Reduction of the pollutants from the Environment.
•    Role of catalysts and their importance in our life.
•    `Role of catalysts in medical and engineering fields.