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Alec Groysman, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
Alec Groysman
Technion (Israeli Institute of Technology), Israel


Dr. Alec Groysman is an Honor President of Israeli Association of Chemical Engineers and Chemists. Alec Groysman deals with an assessment of corrosion risk for process safety in the chemical industry, kinetics and thermodynamics of corrosion processes, on-line corrosion monitoring, choice and use of corrosion inhibitors, coating systems, selection of appropriate alloys for corrosive service, failure analysis, corrosion management. Alec is materials and corrosion expert, professional, and consultant. Alec is a lecturer of the course “Materials and Standards in Oil and Gas Engineering” in Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), Haifa, Israel. His three books came to life by Springer and wrote the first text-book “Corrosion: Monitoring, Control, and Prevention” in Hebrew in 2023.  Alec Groysman is a lecturer of on-line corrosion courses in Europe, America, and Asia. Groysman has special interests in corrosion education and in searching for relationships between corrosion, art, music, history, and philosophy.