Keynote Speaker for Catalysis Conferences 2021 - Hee-Je KIm
Hee-Je KIm
Pusan National University,South Korea


Our research area is dynamic, multi-objective, practical solution based research with a focus on highly efficient solar energy conversion and effective energy storage system. That is related to mainly three areas: i) Fabrication and commercialization of next-generation solar cells such as dye synthesized solar cells, quantum- dot, and perovskite solar cells).  ii) Improving efficiency of existing solar PV systems using different tools and techniques. iii) High energy and power density flexible super-capacitor and BSH (Battery Super-capacitor Hybrid) for next generation energy storage system. 
Prof. Hee-Je Kim got PhD of Energy Conversion, Kyushu University, Fukuoka city, Japan. (1990, March)  At present he is professor of Department of Electrical Engineering in Pusan National University (Busan, South Korea). And the group leader of BRL (Basic Research Lab.). He is currently working as an Associate Editor of NJC (New Journal of Chemistry)-RSC shared and Editorial Board Member of Journal [Energies].