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Ahmed Mostafa Sadek

Title: Study on the Treatment of Effluents from Paint Industry by Modified Electro-Fenton Process

Ahmed Mostafa Sadek

The Egyptian Ethylene and Derivatives Company (ETHYDCO)-Alexandria, Egypt


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The main goal of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of modified Electro-Fenton process (EF-Fere)
involving ferrous ions regeneration coupled with direct oxidation method on COD reduction of paint manufacturing
wastewater. The present Electro-Fenton cell consisted of stainless steel porous cathode and lead anode covered by PbO2 film.
The performance was measured through studying the effect of different parameters on the percentage of COD removal such as:
ferric ions concentration, initial concentration of wastewater, current density and irradiation of UV light. The parameters
showed high COD removal efficiency 99% for highly contaminated wastewater of 13000 mg/l COD in acidic medium pH=2 at
continuous H2O2 feeding dosage of 1.4 ml/min and current density = 19 mA/cm2 in presence of UV light.