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Abi M. Taddesse

Title: Advances in photocatalysis: The Ethiopian experience

Abi M. Taddesse

Haramaya University, Ethiopia


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This review briefly describes the developments in photocatalysis research in our laboratory focusing on synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic applications of nanomaterials (doped metal oxides/sulfides, binary/ternary oxide/sulfides heterojunctions, supported nanocomposites and Metal Organic Frameworks). Various synthetic approaches and state-of-the-art characterization techniques have been employed to fabricate and characterize the as obtained nanoparticles respectively. Photocatalytic application of these materials have been investigated for degradation of model organic/inorganic pollutants and textile effluents making use of a variety of approaches to make the as synthesized materials visible active. We also made domestic research progress on the fabrication of supported ternary systems. Zeolites, polymers, ion exchangers and biomaterials have been used as supports with demonstrated efficiency. Recently, our research group is working on nano-exchangers and metal-organic frameworks for potential application in photocatalysis.