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Yang Han

speaker for catalysis conferences - Yang Han

Title: Selective ethylene tetramerization with metal-organic framework MIL-100(Fe)

Yang Han

China University of Petroleum, China


Yang Han (1987- ), male, has his expertise in synthesis of porous materials and their application in catalysis processes and is now studying for his Ph.D. degree at China University of Petroleum (Beijing). He received his B.E. from Liren College of Yanshan University in 2010, and his M.E. from Yanshan University in 2014. His research mainly focuses on synthesis of metal-organic coordinate polymer materials and their application in catalysis processes.


Metal organic framework material MIL-100(Fe) was synthesized by traditional solvothermal method and then characterized. And a series of MIL-100(Fe)-t catalysts obtained at different activation temperatures were tested in ethylene oligomerization to confirm the best activation condition, and the best activation temperature was 250 oC. 
•    This method of MOF treatment for activation, in nature, is an effective pathway to create the unsaturated coordinated sites (CUS) on the metal nodes, will be exhibited in catalyst pretreatment.

The reaction condition including rate of Al/Fe and reaction time were tested to acquire catalytic properties and regular. MIL-100(Fe)-250 catalyst obtained at 250 oC were texted in ethylene oligomerization with several condition factors. And the catalytic activity of MIL-100(Fe)-250 reached over 1.27×105 g/(molFe•h) and the selectivity for C8 was more than 70% under 10 atm at ambient temperature.
•    The selectivity tetramerization of ethylene was observed in the oligomerization tests, which is different from the steric hindrance of the classical porous zeolite catalysts. And the oligomeization mechanism on coordination chemistry is more likely to explain our results than heteropolyacid catalysis. Thus, the catalytic mechanisms will be compared and commented. 
•    The operation of ethylene tetramerization on MIL-100(Fe) is more convenient realized, which is a sort of the energy-efficient procedures.

Audience Take away:

•    The CUSs could be created with the structure of the framework remained. And multiple CUSs participate in the oligomerization to achieve synergistic effects. 
•    These catalysts showed high selectivities to low carbon olefins C6, C8 and C10.
•    MIL-100(Fe), including other MOF with CUS could take the potential value in catalysis of olefin oligomerization.