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Xiyun Yan

Leading speaker for catalysis conferences 2017 - Xiyun Yan

Title: Nanozyme: Discovery and its applications in medicine

Xiyun Yan

Chinese Academy of Sciences, China


Dr. Xiyun Yan, professor in Chinese Academy of Sciences since 1997, elected as member of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2015, also the president of Asian Biophysical Association since 2015. She received her M.D. at Heidelberg University of Germany in 1993. After two years of postdoc training at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in the U.S.A. she was awarded as one of the “100 Talents Program” and became a Principal Investigator in Chinese Academy of Sciences. 
In 2007 Dr. Yan discovered nanomaterials with intrinsic enzyme-like catalytic properties and since defined a new concept of nanozyme, which changed the idea that inorganic nanomaterials are chemically inert in biological system, and opened up a wide range of applications of nanomaterials for human health and industry. 


Nanozyme is a class of nanomaterial with intrinsic enzyme-like activity. Because of nanozyme’s high efficient activity, stability and low cost at large scale production, it has a wide potential of applications in biomedicine, chemical industry, food, agriculture and environment. Nanozyme as the next generation of artificial enzyme has become a rapidly emerging field in both biology and nanotechnology. In this presentation, I will introduce nanozyme and its application, in particular on tumor diagnosis and therapy.
Session: Biocatalysis Biotransformation and Organocataysis

Audience take away:  

    The audience will get a clear understanding of the concept of nanozyme, as well as its application in tumor diagnosis and therapy and the brief history of its discovery
    The audience may find the unique properties of nanozyme useful in various applications in their jobs, as the presentation will show nanozyme’s advantages in application
    For nanozyme, as an emerging interdisciplinary field, there are still many unknowns and challenges for researchers of various backgrounds to tackle. The audience may find new ideas to help in the research of nanozyme.