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Belarbi Kheira Lamia, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
University of Sciences and the Technology of Oran M-B-USTO-MB, Algeria
Title : The gas industry and the preservation of the environment


The molecular sieve used in the gas industry to remove water from this gas is discarded after four years of use, as these molecular sieves are no longer effective. Molecular sieves used in dryers in the gas industry to remove water from the gas to avoid clogging of pipes during storage at a temperature of minus 200° to 300° are discarded after four years of use. These used molecular sieves are no longer effective because, after various heating and cooling of the dryers, these molecular sieves are charred and ground. After analysis of these used molecular sieves, it is found that they contain a considerable amount of Silica-iron (SiO2). The idea was to add these molecular sieves after finely grinding them to a diameter less than one micron of those added to the cement. Fine silica combines with lime released during cement hydration and forms hydrated calcium silicates that develop in the capillary network by reducing the number and size of concrete pores.

Keywords: Molecular sieve, porosity, absorption, silica, purification

Audience Take Away:
The public will learn that natural gas contains impurities and water that must be removed.
Teachers and researchers must find other ways to remove this water and its impurities other than expensive molecular sieves.
These molecular sieves are discarded because considering as waste after several years of use therefore they are harmful to nature


I am Dr Belarbi Kheira Lamia I had my Magister in materials engineering in 2007 and my PhD in environmental engineering in 2017, I am a research professor in fundamental chemistry at the University of Science and Technology of ORAN and I am part of a research team in the engineering technology and process laboratory, LSTGP at USTO University.