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Krisztian Lorincz, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
XiMo Hungary Ltd, Hungary
Title : Industrial scale olefin metathesis with schrock catalysts


Research into the field of olefin metathesis has led to the development of two prominent classes of catalysts known as Schrock catalysts and Grubbs catalysts. The two classes differ significantly in terms of reactivity and functional group tolerance. XiMo Hungary Ltd. (part of Verbio group), co-founded by Prof. R. R. Schrock (MIT/UC Riverside) and Prof. A. H. Hoveyda (Boston College) has developed olefin metathesis promoted by Schrock catalysts from a laboratory scale procedure into a ton scale, industrial technology with applications in fragrance and flavor, agrochemical and polymer production. Chemical transformations behind these applications include highly Z-selective cross metathesis of terminal olefins to afford internal olefins or efficient cleavage of Z double bonds via ethenolysis. The latter transformation opens up new ways to valorize natural fatty acids as renewable raw materials for the chemical industry. Novel complexes, developed to solve challenging tasks, e. g. highly E-selective cross metathesis of terminal olefins, are also demonstrated. Catalysts can be used in various forms: neat, stabilized by complexing ligands or as paraffin pellets that can be handled using standard laboratory practices, such as Schlenk technique. Several of these complexes are now made available by XiMo Hungary Ltd. not only for industrial partners, but also for the wider scientific community.

What will audience learn from your presentation?

  • The audience will learn about the first industrial scale procedures promoted by Schrock catalysts.
  • The examples prove that despite their sensitivity towards air and moisture these catalysts can be efficiently used under industrial circumstances using standard equipment.
  • Novel catalysts with unprecedented selectivities will be demonstrated.
  • Catalysts stabilized in various forms, developed to aid usage of Schrock catalysts in organic chemistry laboratories, thereby extending the toolbox of organic chemists, will be demonstrated.
  • The audience will be informed that some of the above-mentioned Schrock catalysts are now commercially available, even on a scale that allows for the development of industrial applications.
  • The information shared with the audience may help devise novel synthetic strategies.


Krisztián Lőrincz received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest, Hungary) before joining XiMo Hungary Ltd. (Verbio group). XiMo, co-founded by Prof. R. R. Schrock (MIT/UC Riverside) and Prof. A. H. Hoveyda (Boston College), focuses on the synthesis and application of Schrock metathesis catalysts. In 2010/11 Dr. Lőrincz spent 6 months in Boston, USA in the laboratories of Prof. Schrock and Prof. Hoveyda to get familiar with the synthesis and use of Schrock catalysts. In the past twelve years, he has been involved in the development process that turned this field of chemistry from an exotic, laboratory scale transformation into an industrial scale production technology.