HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Rome, Italy or Virtually from your home or work.
Paul Somerville, Speaker at Chemistry
Self Lab, United Kingdom
Title : Evolving our knowledge of chemical and natural reactions involved with climate change, to help us find new ways to lessen its impact


Tackling climate change is the most urgent challenge we face, our efforts to stabilize temperatures so far have not had any impact. The purpose of this presentation is to explain my research findings. Over the course of many years, my understanding of how the atmosphere works, has evolved to a very high level of expertees. My talk will cover a lot of ground, explaining the atmospheric processes involved with greenhouse gasses, using references in various areas of science, highlighting the potential of water to help us combat climate change, and uncovering some of its many mysteries. One example is how it defies the laws of thermodynamics, put a cup of hot water in a room warmed to 20 degrees celsius, it will cool to approximately 10 degrees, going beyond our understanding of high to low.


Paul Somerville has completed 25 years, studying science independently, attending Newcastle college in 2005, to gain an educated understanding of his scientific knowledge. In June 2018 he participated in the GCGW in Turkey, where he gave two presentations (global warming could we be missing some important factors) and (heat exchange liquid to gas and investigating the potential of a dual ac converter). In April 2019, he attended the GCGW conference in Doha, Qatar. Resulting in a paper published with inderscience. Experimental analysis of carbon monoxide to establish the origin of dissolved gasses in water, and their role in weather anomalies. He found that his scientific understanding needed to improve and has spent the time since the conference, evolving his knowledge.