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Freweyni Kassa Gebremariam, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
Mekelle University, Ethiopia
Title : Compaction characteristics predictive model from index properties of fine - grained soils case in Mekelle city, Northern part of Ethiopia


The compaction test Optimum moisture content (OMC) and Maximum dry density (MDD) has been acknowledged as an important parameter to characterize the strength/bearing capacity of earth structures. Technically, the compaction tests are carried out in the laboratory or in the field. However, in large construction sites, the test is a routine time-consuming which requires large amount of soils for laboratory testing and is infrequently performed due to the equipment needed and the fact that the field moisture content keeps changing over time. Over the years, many correlations have been developed for the prediction of OMC and MDD by various researchers. However, in this paper the data are transformed and the empirical predictive models have checked the multicoliniarity and interaction of the predictor parameter was analyzed through the NCSS software and it gives better R2 and RMSE value compared with other models. Therefore, the objective is to develop a compaction predictive model of fine grained soil from their index properties. Accordingly, a total of 24 primary, 91 secondary standard proctor tests data and 114 secondary modified proctor test data were collected from the northern Ethiopia. Specific to this research, statistical software (NCSS-12) was employed. NCSS software has a full array of powerful software tools for regression analysis. The results show that about five (5) equations with subset selection trials for each modeling one, two and three Parameters OMC and MDD models from various soil index properties were performed. Subset selection with interaction option of the NCSS-12 statistical software is used for the task of finding variables that does a good job of predicting the dependent variable. Moreover, the unique nature of the developed models utilizes only three parameters namely percentage pass of (P200), Liquid limit (LL) and plastic limit (PL) which are simple and to test than compaction tests.


Freweyni Kassa has worked as a lecturer in the department of Civil engineering, Mekelle University giving different courses for under graduate and assist to the post graduate students in Geotechnical Engineering fields, since July 2019. She worked as an, Assistant lecturer (2015 – 2019), in the department of Civil Engineering, Mekelle University, Mekelle, Ethiopia. In 2019, she obtained M.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering from Mekelle University, Mekelle, Ethiopia. In 2015, she obtained B.Sc degree from Mekelle University, Mekelle, Ethiopia. Her main works in her institute are Teaching, Research, and Community Services in the fields of Geotechnical engineering. Since 2015, she has given lectures of Geotechnical courses to under-graduate and assists post students of science and Engineering in Mekelle University. Furthermore, as a research advisor in the under graduate program (B.Sc) at Mekelle University, She has participated as co-investigator in female staffs award research in sand replacement wit fine grained soil.