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Gaukhar Yergaziyeva, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
Institute of Combustion Problems, Kazakhstan
Title : Study of the possibility of using catalysts based on iron-ore concentrate in the decomposition of methane


Known catalysts containing iron ores as an active component, for example, in the oxidation of sulfur dioxide; processing of carbon-containing raw materials to obtain liquid and gaseous products, etc. One of the main advantages of such catalysts is the low cost of their production, which is especially important for large-scale production.

Therefore, studies on the use of readily available iron ores for the production of catalysts and the use of the products of their processing as catalysts are promising. To study the catalytic function of the iron ore concentrate, the methane decomposition reaction was selected. The catalytic decomposition of methane is a promising technology for the production of hydrogen and nanocarbon without emissions of carbon oxides (CO, CO2), and at the same time is a promising replacement for steam reforming of methane to produce hydrogen. The obtained hydrogen can be used in the field of electronic, metallurgical, synthesis of fine organic chemicals and aerospace industries. Nanocarbon obtained as a by-product in the decomposition of methane, due to its unique properties, is used in various industries: from oil and coal mining to the automotive industry.

The study of the catalytic activity of iron ore concentrate in the decomposition of methane was carried out on a laboratory flow-type installation in the temperature range of 500-850 ° C, at atmospheric pressure. Methane was fed in a nitrogen flow at a rate of W = 4980 h-1. Analysis of the reaction products was determined by chromatography. The results of the study showed that methane begins to decompose on iron ore concentrate starting from 550 ° C with a conversion of 0.5%. The highest methane conversion of 20.4% is observed at a reaction temperature of 850 ° C, hydrogen with a concentration of 0.4% is formed in the reaction products.

The data obtained indicate that iron ore concentrate can be used as a catalyst for the decomposition of methane, however, it requires an improvement in catalytic activity and further research..

This research has been/was/is funded by the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Grant No. AP08855564)


YeYergaziyeva Gaukhar is a candidate of chemical sciences, works in the field of catalysis and petrochemistry. The main scientific direction of research is the study of the mechanism of action and the development of new catalysts of directed action for the processing of hydrocarbon raw materials (methane, propane-butane, benzene, ethanol), obtaining valuable products (synthesis gas, hydrogen, maleic anhydride, etc.).