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Carlos Alonso Lopez Gordillo, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
Universidad de Ciencias y Artes de Chiapas, Mexico
Title : PVOLED electrical simulation and analysis using CdSe quantum dots as an active layer


Organic photovoltaics (OPs) have been notably developed in the last years, OLED technology is now on the market in devices such as smartphones and flat screens. On the other hand, organic solar cells (OSC) are been used in buildings and cars as solar windows and even in clothes to charge small batteries. The possibility to combine OSCs and OLEDs had been explored. This device, besides absorbing ambient light was also capable of reuse part of the light emitted by the OLED and recycle it and lower power consumption in the device. However, several materials were used for its implementation and expensive deposition techniques, which generates higher fabrication costs. In 2012 was developed OSC with 66% transparency using AgNW as transparent cathode and spin-coating deposition. Due to OSC’s low efficiencies, hybrid devices have been studied, the combination of organic and inorganic materials to increase efficiencies and lifetimes. An advantage of organic technology is that it requires very thin layers of material which allows the deposition of several layers without compromising the transparency of the device. It has been reported implementations of 4 OSC in tandem structure. In this work, we use the software Silvaco to simulate the electrical behavior of a hybrid Solar Cell/OLED device in tandem structure adding CdSe quantum dots as an active layer (donor/emissive) and transparent contacts for lowering power consumption in display applications. We achieved a theoretical 20% power consumption reduction using a AM 1.5 spectrum in the simulation.


MS Carlos Lopez graduated in electronics and automation control at Innstituto Tecnológico de Tuxtla Gutiérrez, México in 2013. He joined the research group of nanophononics and materials at Centro de Investigaciones en Optica (CIO) in Leon, México contributing with a research in white light OLEDs using quantum dots in 2014. He graduated as MS in 2020 in materials and renewable energy systems leading a project of tandem PVOLED devices. In 2019 he was named operation manager in the south of México at Valefab International, contributing also as a design and manufacturing engineer, selling and designing new technologies for solar luminaries and other solar solutions.