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Ece Kilic, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
Iskenderun Technical University, Turkey
Title : Picoplankton under the influence of climate change


Anthropogenic activities like greenhouse gas emission, land use change and deforestation alter the dynamics of atmosphere. Ecological life in the marine environment depends on the balance between atmosphere and ocean; so, variations in the climate cause changes in the chemical and biological equilibrium of oceans. Sea surface warming, ocean acidification, alterations in nutrient cycles and available nutrients influence the picoplankton dynamics. Some functional groups like cyanobacteria may become beneficial; while, some others like calcifies may negatively impacted. Eventually, marine microorganisms will adapt to the new control mechanisms of changing world. Therefore, predicting the future responses of picoplankton to the climate change will help marine biologist to understand the marine dynamics. This study was aimed evaluate the picoplankton responses to the impacts of climate change in the Mediterranean Sea.


Dr. Ece KILIÇ was graduated from Environmental Engineering department of Middle East Technical University at 2014.  Since then, she has been working at skenderun Technical University, Water Resources Management and Organization Department as a research assistant. She studied biological and chemical indicators of surface water quality in MS and graduated in 2017. She studied marine biology in her doctoral thesis and received her PhD in 2021. She published many articles in several peer-reviewed journal and participate several symposiums worldwide.