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Aigerim Baimyrza, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan
Title : Titanium based catalyst systems for photo-catalytic CO2 reduction


The development of facile and robust photo-catalyst to establish the photo-catalytic CO2 reduction in industrial scale firstly would considerably reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere; secondly, it would found a renewable source of industrially valuable compounds like methanol, formic acid and other hydrocarbon compounds.
Ti-based compounds including TiO2 remains to be the most robust photo-catalyst for CO2 reduction with two main drawbacks: poor selectivity and high activation energy. Incorporation of vanadium with titanium in ternary metal oxides considerably narrows the band gap energy from 3.2 eV for pure TiO2 up to 1.7 eV for Ti-V-O ternary oxide with the increase of vanadium content, making the ternary oxide visible light active. Ti-based MOFs are an ideal class of materials to apply as a catalyst for the range of photo-catalytic processes including the photo-reduction of CO2. Introduction of Ti into MOF may allow to tune the photo-responsive properties and selectivity of titanium and enhance other properties of the catalyst as the porosity and stability by changing the organic counterpart.
Herein we report on TixVyOz and new type Ti-MOF composites and their photo-catalytic properties. The obtained composites were characterized by XRD, TEM, SEM, BET and TGA. The CO2 conversion rate was also studied by changing reaction parameters such as UV wavelengths, gas flow rate, etc.


Aigerim Baimyrza hold a BTech  degree in Chemical Engineering of Organic Substance from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and  MSc degree in Polymer Material Science and Engineering  from University of Manchester. After the graduation she joined Nazarbayev University (Astana, Kazakhstan) as a Teaching Assistant and the Institute of Batteries (Astana, Kazakhstan) as a Junior Researcher. Currently she is a Research Assistant in Nazarbayeve University and a part of research team working on photo-catalytic conversion of CO2 into hydrocarbon fuel.