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Flor Shayegh, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Research Institute of Petroleum Industry(RIPI), National Iranian Oil Company; West Blvd, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Title : Synthesis of Co Mn Fe Al2O3 catalyst for light olefins production


In recent years, the researchers are interested in making light Olefins (C2-C4) from Syngas other than the methods of catalytic cracking of naphtha and dehydrogenation of alkanes. The catalysts of iron and cobalt mixed with Manganese used for conversion of Synthesis Gas to hydrocarbons have been extensively studied because of their characteristics such as selective formation of light Olefins in the C2-C4 range particularly Propene with a suppressed C1 product . Mn has been widely used as one of the promoters for unsupported Fe-based FT catalysts, particularly in promoting the production of C2-C4 Olefins. Some investigators have been working on operation parameters of Cobalt-based catalysts and showed that the Olefin contents of the product spectrum decreased with increasing pressure . In this work, Co-MnFe/γ-Al2O3 catalyst was prepared a wet impregnation method. The catalyst was characterized using varying techniques such as XRD,H2-TPR, SEM and BET techniques. The effects of temperature, support, Mn to Co ratio on the catalytic performance of these catalysts have been investigated. It has been shown that [Mn]/[Co] molar ratio are important in controlling the catalytic activity . The catalyst gave the highest catalytic performance for the conversion of synthesis gas to light olefins.


I was born at1965 in Iran and completed my BSC and MSc in chemical engineering in 1989 from Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, Iran. And I completed my education as PhD in chemical engineering in 2010 from Sharif university of Technology .Title of PhD thesis is 'Optimizing structure of catalysts and development of kinetic parameters for synthesis gas to olefin reaction' .I have worked in Research Institute of Petroleum Industry from 1989.My major research on natural gas conversion field contains Syngas production process and catalyst, Fischer-Tropsch process and catalysts(Iron and Cobalt),Syngas to Olefins conversion ,process and catalysts preparation and kinetics. I have more than 70 papers (conference paper, ISI and internal papers) and some patents. I participated a lot of international conference as speaker including of 8th WCCE in Canada 2009, CHISA 2012,11NGCS in Noevay,IGRC2017 in Brasil.