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Kun Yauh Shih, Speaker at Chemistry Conferences
National Pingtung University, Taiwan
Title : Synthesis and photocatalytic activity of CoFe2O4/Reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites


To eliminate organic pollutants, the Photo-Fenton reaction is an advanced approach. Graphite oxide was prepared through modified Hummers method in this study. By microwave assisted method, cobalt ferrite/reduced graphene oxide composites were synthesized. The chemical structure and properties of composites were characterized by Raman spectroscopy, then the prepared CoFe2O4/RGO composites were employed into experiment of degradation. The Raman spectroscopy demonstrated the peaks in low-frequency (200-700cm-1) were conformed to scattering modes of CoFe2O4, the Raman intensities ID/IG of composite increased obviously as the synthesis time on microwave increased may attributed to the forming the smaller sp2 domains during the reduction process. Moreover, different catalyst composites were introduced into photo degradation experiment under UV-light, the results showed the catalytic activity of CoFe2O4 was enhanced greatly by introduction of reduced graphene oxide. Meanwhile, the composite with microwave time 200 second found out to show the greatest degradation activity, which maintained 90% of performance ability for five times recycling test.    


Kun-Yauh Shih received his BS and PhD degrees in Chemistry from Tunghai University in 1986 and National Tsing Hua University in 1992, respectively. He has been Professor in Department of Applied Chemistry at National Pingtung University, Taiwan, since 2000.  His current research interests are in the area of nanomaterials and energy technology with emphasis on the development of functional materials for photocatalysis, phosphor and electrode material applications.