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Marco Paulo Gomes Sousa Lucas, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Universidade de TrĂ¡s-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Portugal
Title : Ozonation in a multi-orifice oscillatory baffled column


A novel approach for the intensification of ozonation of water and wastewater is presented using a highly efficient and compact Multi-Orifice Oscillatory Baffled Column (MOBC) ozonation contactor. The MOBC uniquely yielded full (i.e. 100%) use of the ozone supplied with a very short (2.25 min) liquid contact time under continuous operation and without the need of further gas-liquid contacting equipment downstream from the MOBC. The increased performance of the MOBC ozonation reactor was benchmarked against a bubble column (BC) design and resulted in 20% increase on the rate of p-hydroxybenzoic acid (p-HBA) degradation, 75% increase in the rate of mineralization of p-HBA per mole of ozone consumed, and 3.2-fold increase in the rate of mineralization of p-HBA per mole of ozone supplied. This results from the very small size of bubbles (few hundreds of microns) and enhanced gas-liquid mass transfer and hold-up generated in the presence of small fluid pulsations and orifice baffles. Experiments with two pharmaceutical compounds (Diclofenac and Caffeine) were also performed.

•    Water ozonation intensification in a Multi-Orifice Oscillatory Baffled Column;
•    Higher rates of ozone utilization in a highly compact device;
•    MOBC ozonation reactor is benchmarked against a bubble column;
•    MOBC allows a reduction of 5-fold to one-order of magnitude in reactor volume.


Marco S. Lucas is principal investigator at University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro. Holds a PhD in Chemistry, a Master in Environmental Technology and a degree in Environmental Engineering. Its main research interests are i) water and wastewater treatment, ii) advanced oxidation processes, iii) environmental chemistry, iv) adsorption and v) biologic processes. Until now he has published 33 papers in top-ranked and peer-reviewed journals, 1 patent, 1 book chapter and more than 100 conference proceedings and communications. Has an h-index of 15 and more than 1350 citations. Has been awarded with a Marie Curie Experienced Researcher (IF) by the European Commission (Loughborough University, UK) and three research prizes.