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Raiedhah Alsaiari, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
Najran University, Saudi Arabia
Title : Oxidative carboxylation of 1-decene


This work reports a direct route for the synthesis of cyclic carbonate starting from terminal alkene, which avoids the preliminary synthesis and isolation of terminal epoxide. A catalyst system consisting of Au/support, tetrabutylammonium bromide (Bu4NBr) and zinc bromide (ZnBr2) has been applied to the one-pot synthesis of cyclic carbonate from 1-decene, O2 as primary oxidant, and CO2. Supported gold catalyst is active for the epoxidation of 1-decene, and zinc bromide and Bu4NBr catalyse the subsequent CO2 cycloaddition to epoxide. The influence of various reaction parameters, such as CO2 pressure, reaction temperature, reaction time, catalyst preparation methods and catalyst amount, has been studied in more detail. It should be noted that under this reaction system, no need for an organic solvent, a high reaction temperature, or high CO2 pressure.


Assistant professor at Najran university Saudi Arabia, graduated from king Saudi university, I had got the MSc and PhD from Cardiff university in the catalysis. Published 3 papers.