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Radostina Nikoaleva Ivanova, Speaker at Chemistry Conferences
Bulgarian Academy of Science, Bulgaria
Title : Formation of catalytic active cites in copper modified Ce-Mn mesoporous oxides for ethyl acetate total oxidation


Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are recognized as major contributors to air pollution due to their toxicity to human health and the formation of photochemical smog. Nowadays, the increasing political, social and economic attention on the environment and the quality of life has enforced the strict monitoring of VOCs emissions and the development of efficient technologies for their elimination. The catalytic total oxidation has been recognized as more economic process even when VOCs were emitted in low concentrations. Due to the relatively low price and stability to various poisons, the transition metal oxides could be more efficient catalysts compared to noble metals. A well-known approach to improve their catalytic activity is the preparation transition metal oxides in the nanoscale. Our previous study showed good catalytic activity of the mixed cerium-manganese oxide system in the studied reaction [1]. There are few reports showing that the addition of copper to CeMnOx favors the catalytic activity in oxidation processes [2]. The aim of the current investigation is development of new nanostructured mesoporous metal oxide systems based on ceria-manganese oxides promoted with copper (CuMnCeOx) and their application as catalysts in ethyl acetate total oxidation. The influence of the preparation procedure of ceria-manganese oxide supports on the state of copper will be followed in detail. 


Radostina Ivanova is PhD student in Institute of Organic Chemistry with Centre of Phytochemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Science, lab.” Organic Reactions on Microporous Materials”. The results of her work are formed in 24 publications, 12 of which in scientific journals with a high impact factor. She has participated in 25 international scientific conferences with oral and poster presentations.