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Byeong Kyu Lee, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
University of Ulsan, Korea, Republic of
Title : Applications of visible light-driven photocatalysts to photocatytic degradation and PEC water splitting


There have been many developed photocatalysts that could be applicable for pollutant removal and energy generation. The first part of the presentation can provide principle of photocatalysis, limitation of TiO2 photocatalysts, increasing solar energy utilization, modification methods to build visible light-driven photocatalyst, including metal and non-metal doping, using sensitizer and another semi-conductor, etc. The presentation also deals with immobilization methods of photocatalysts using porous materials and chemical reactions, VOCs removal methods using visible light-driven photocatalysts, bioaerosol removal results, and CO2 conversion to solar fuels and methanol, and other environmental applications. The last part of the presentation deals with principle of photoelctrochemical (PEC) water splitting, applications in photodegradation and PEC water splitting of modified bismuth vanadate with structural transformation and reduced graphene oxide (rGO).


Byeong-Kyu Lee is a Distinguished Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Ulsan (UOU), Korea. Prof. Lee is the Director of Brain Korea 21 and got his MS and Ph.D. degrees from UMASS and joined as a visiting scientist at Harvard University and UMN. He received a Service Merit Medal of Korea from Korean Government and an Outstanding Professor Award from AWMA. He has published over 200 peer reviewed scientific journal papers, 15 book chapters, 16 patents, and over 300 conference papers. Prof. Lee’s current research interests include visible photocatalytic treatments of organics/VOCs, photocatalytic CO2 conversion into solar fuels, photoelectrochemical H2 production, and CO2 sequestration using nano zeolites and nanocomposites.