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Hirokazu Konishi, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Osaka University, Japan
Title : Preparation and reduction behavior of carbon composite iron oxide pellets using woody biomass


Especially, biomass has a novel advantage, i.e., no CO2 emissions, because of carbon neutral. Recently, charcoal composite iron oxide pellets were proposed to decrease CO2 emissions for the iron-making. These pellets were promising to decrease the starting temperature for iron oxide reduction. From these backgrounds, we propose carbon composite iron oxide pellets using woody biomass in order to decrease CO2 emissions. In this work, semi-charcoal composite iron oxide pellets have been prepared and the effect of residual V.M. and gasification rate of semi-charcoal on reduction of iron oxide were investigated. Furthermore, the effect of the semi-charcoal particle size was also investigated.


I received BD from Osaka City University, and MD and PhD (Doctor Energy Science) from Kyoto University. I worked as a research associate in National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST in Japan), in copper recycle process using electrolysis from ammonia solution. I has been working as an assistant professor in Osaka University. I earned ISIJ Young Researcher Award from ISIJ and Molten Salt Young Researcher Award from Molten Salt Committee of the Electrochemical Society of Japan. Now, titles of my works are reduction of iron oxide, sintering of oxide, recycle of rare- earth.