HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Rome, Italy or Virtually from your home or work.
Mohamed El Far, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
Mansoura University, Egypt
Title : Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) of Tumors: An Overview of Long-Term Team(s) Four Decades Experience


A series of land-mark contributions were made in our laboratories in PDT of tumors by LASER as well as other invented light source(s). Lecture will cover our journey over 40 years from bench to clinical applications. It includes novel approaches as: 1) using natural photosensitizes (PS)/materials (as Uroporphyrin or ALA) "For the first time" to identify (diagnosis) precancerous and certain malignant cells (via red florescence), followed by exposure to intense light of appropriate wavelength for PS activation leading to death of tumor cells (treatment). 2) Selective therapeutic ALA-PDT by the action of Biocatalyst and the mechanism of action. 3) Synthesis and development of photosensitizes for more selective accumulation into target cells with possible activation by straight sodium lamps. 4) Clinical applications for treatment of tumors. 5) Novel approach for removal of skin photo-toxicity. We will present basic ways for innovations related to this field.


Professor Mohamed El-Far, worked in biochemistry field for 40 years, published over 90 peer-reviewed papers. He received Fulbright and British council fellowships several times as well as German DAAD grant to establish PDT Program at Munich, also received US-AID grant to establish PDT unit in Egypt. He is serving on the editorial boards and Hon. Editor to four international journals. He acts as UNESCO expert in science and technology. Dr. El-Far served as visiting professor to University of California as well as Utah laser center also Mayo clinic for several years. He also served as a visiting professor to Cardiff and Swansea Universities, UK. He is a member of International Photodynamic Association and Royal Society of Chemistry, UK. Selected and served as expert and consultant for biochemistry in the national committee of suprime council of Universities in Egypt, which is the highest nation honor. Recently selected as a member of higher Education and Research committee for Mansoura University. Selected by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England to be among top 100 scientists 2012. Received honary doctorate of letters from International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England. Selected on list of global speakers as a keynote speaker and honorable guest for several international conferences in cancer and diabetes as well as other recent biomedical applications as stem cells and nanotechnology