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Jaeyoung Ban, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Hanyang university, Korea, Republic of
Title : Development of new Pd(0) catalysts immobilized on silica-gel : Study of reactivity according to stationary phases for Suzuki-Miyaura coupling reaction in water


Typically, diverse organic reactions using heterogeneous catalysts are less reactive than those using homogeneous catalysts. Several functionalized supporting bodies have been developed to solve this problem. In this study, we have synthesized new supporting bodies using 3-aminopropyl functionalized silica-gels which are reverse phase and normal phase. To the supporting bodies obtained, Pd(II) was loaded on the silica-gel supporting bodies and Pd(0) catalysts were obtained through NaBH4 reduction. Therefore, new heterogeneous palladium catalysts were synthesized. In addition, reusability was proven by recycle tests. By using these catalysts, Suzuki-Miyaura coupling reactions have been carried out in the aqueous system.
 As a result, the reverse phase silica-gel catalyst has shown better reactivity than the normal phase silica-gel one. It is expected that this reverse phase silica-gel palladium catalyst can be applied to diverse organic reactions in water such as hydrogenation and other coupling reactions.


I am a third year student pursuing Doctoral degree under supervision of prof., Hakjune Rhee at department of Bionanotechnology, Hanyang University in South Korea. I am majoring in Organic Chemistry and Organic Synthesis. I am interesting in the preparation of immobilized catalysts and the application for cross coupling reactions. In addition, I am studying synthesis of carbohydrate at the same time. As a result, I published one paper about total synthesis of L-ribose from D-ribose in this year.