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Yahya Zamani, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Yahya Zamani
Gas Research division, Research Institute of Petroleum Industry(RIPI), National Iranian Oil Company; West Blvd, Iran (Islamic Republic of)


I have graduated my BSC and MSc from Shahid Beheshty University in Tehran, Iran. I have completed my education as Ph.D in Organic chemistry in 2013 from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad in Iran. I was employed in RIPI about 17 years ago. I started my research on natural gas conversion field Contains: Syngas production process and catalysts, Fischer-Tropsch process and catalysts (Iron and Cobalt. I started my studies with laboratory tests on the activity and products selectivity on iron and cobalt catalysts, and continued my research with bench and pilot scales, which has worked for more than 1000 hours. I have published more than 100 papers and patents.I have paprticipated a lot of international conference as speaker including of 24th Coal conference in south Africa 2007,CFC 2011 in Japan ,CHISA 2010 and CHISA 2012 in Cheque republic, IGRC2014 in Denmark(poster) and IGRC2017 in Brasil.