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Shun Nishimura, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
Shun Nishimura
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan


SN is the Senior Lecturer in Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST). He has completed his PhD (Materials Science) in March 2011, supervised by Profs. K. Ebitani and S. Maenosono. His research interests lie in the development of highly-functionalized nano-structured catalysts for productions of green energy and renewable materials. So far, he has published 50 refereed papers, 6 reviews/book chapters, 10 conference proceedings, and 14 patents application. He received the 2016 JAIST President’s Award (Research Activity Award) in September 2016, and the Monthly Journal Award of the Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan (BCSJ) in March 2012.