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Sebastien Tilloy, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Sebastien Tilloy
University of Artois, CNRS, UCCS, France


Sébastien Tilloy was born in 1972 (France). He received his Ph.D degree in 1998 from the University of Artois. In 2000, he became Associate Professor at the University of Artois where he completed his Habilitation in 2004. In 2005, he moved to University of Amsterdam (Netherlands) to work with Pr. Leeuwen and Pr. Reek. In 2006, he was promoted Full Professor. His research interests are centred on the cyclodextrins and on their supramolecular implications in the field of organometallic catalysis. He is the author of 85 international publications (h-index 30), 4 patents, 3 chapters and more than 80 oral/poster presentations.