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Mikhalenko Irina Ivanovna, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
Mikhalenko Irina Ivanovna
RUDN University, Russian Federation


Mikhalenko Irina I. graduated from Peoples Friendship University in 1974, PhD thesis defended in 1978 and a degree of Dr.Sci. in 1997 year. Research interests are adsorption and catalytic chemistry (reactions in vapor and gas phases, electro catalysis, photo catalysis).  Led by I. Mikhalenko 9 graduate students, including 4 foreigners, have succeeded in PhD degree. At the Department of Physical and Colloidal chemistry I. Mikhalenko employs more than 40 years, has more than 200 publications, reads lectures in Physical chemistry, Colloidal chemistry, Nanochemistry, Thermodynamics of Nonequilibrium processes. Physico-Chemistry of surfaces and Chemisorption.