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Luis Sanchez Granados, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
Luis Sanchez Granados
Universidad de Córdoba, Spain


Luis Sánchez Granados born in 1967, he graduated in Chemistry in 1991, obtaining his Ph.D. in 1994 (Chemical Sciences; University of Córdoba). He is Full Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Córdoba (UCO; Spain). The academic and scientific career has been completed through stages at highly reputed European institutions: CNRS (France); Open University (United Kingdom); Padova University (Italia). His scientific activity is documented by more than 95 papers, 1 patent, chapters to books and over 110 conference communications. This activity is developed in the field of electrochemistry, solid state chemistry, building materials, environmental remediation and photocatalysis, putting special attention to the design of functional materials (oxides, chalcogenides, metals, etc.) in variable forms: micro-nano powders, thin films, 3D arrays. For his scientific activity, he was awarded: Prize of Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry—Novel Research (1998).