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Jiri Tuma, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
Jiri Tuma
University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, Czech Republic


Jiří Tůma is a Ph.D. candidate currently working on his thesis in a newly established work group of Dr. Michal Kohout at the Department of Organic Chemistry, UCT Prague, Czech Republic. His research is mainly focused in the field of stereoselective organocatalysis and chiral separation. In his work he aims at design of various bifunctional compounds based on L-prolinol, resp. their derived silica-supported analogues and their applications as either heterogeneous organocatalysts, or chiral selectors for enantiomeric separation in HPLC. His interest in this topic mainly stems from his experience with the silica-supported materials gained during his stay at the University of Vienna in the group of prof. Wolfgang Lindner.