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Ghadamgahi Sedigheh, Speaker at Nanocatalysts
Ghadamgahi Sedigheh
Islamic Azad University, Iran (Islamic Republic of)


Dr. Ghadamgahi joined Prof. Khodadi and Prof. Mortazavi team at the University of Tehran (UT) as a post-fellow in 2015 for the research of heterogeneous nanocatalysts-nanocomposites of the gas-phase reactions. Before that, she completed her Ph.D. at the University of Canterbury (UC) in nanochemistry under Dr. Golovko and Prof. Williamson supervision, where she conducted research on heterogeneous nanocatalysts in the liquid-phase reactions and tutored chemistry labs, too. Prior to joining the UC, she did her masters in analytical chemistry at Urmia University as Pro. Farhadi’s team and alsolectured papers in chemistry at Azad University in Tehran Branch.

Dr. Ghadamgahi is interested in heterogeneous nanocatalysts and nanophotocatalysts fabrications, applications, and also characterizations. She has focused on smart materials, such as photocatalysis, natural and artificial polymers, complexes, clusters, composites, particles, colloids, catalysts, photocatalysts, and more recently smart concretes.