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Bruno Azambre, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Bruno Azambre
Bruno Azambre
University of Lorraine, France


Bruno Azambre is 45 years old and is Associate Professor (Hab.) at University of Lorraine – Institut Jean Barriol (France). After of a PhD thesis in Metz devoted to the catalytic/sorption properties of functionalized carbons (2000), he worked as post-doc at University of Reading (UK) on inorganic nanotubes. When in 2003 he became a permanent lecturer, he examined the reactivity of pollutants with sorbents/catalysts in numerous fields such as automotive depollution, AOP’s, nuclear safety and others. His works are devoted to the design, surface characterization, testing of reactive materials (zeolites, rare-earth oxides, carbons, mesoporous materials) and the elucidation of complex mechanisms by in situ/operando spectroscopies. He is co-author of about 60 publications and 100 communications.