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Anca Duta, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Anca Duta
Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania


Dr. eng. Anca Duta (b. 1961) is Professor in the Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania and Ph.D. supervisor in Materials Science. Her activity focuses on solar energy materials used in solid state solar cells, solar-thermal coatings and in photocatalysis and is part of the H2020 group of experts on this topic(s). Her recent work on VIS-active photocatalytic materials focuses on the development of thin films, stable in water, with a structure similar to solid state solar cells that are efficient in organic pollutants removal from wastewater (e.g. TiO2/CZTS or TiO2/CIS). Further on, the development of VIS-active composite thin films included also graphene and graphene derivatives deposited on TiO2 to get VIS-active materials for advanced wastewater treatment or for self-cleaning coatings.