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Respected Speaker for CAT 2021 Conference - Benomar Souhila
Benomar Souhila
Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain
Title : Study of decomposition of Methanol over VOx/ZrO2-Al2O3 catalysts


Vanadium supported on pure Al2O3, pure ZrO2 or mixed zirconia-alumina catalysts have been prepared by wet impregnation, characterized by several physicochemical technical (XRD, Raman, TPD-NH3, TPR-H2, N2 adsorption) and tested in Methanol aerobic transformation.

In methanol oxidation, the catalysts tested present similar catalytic activity regardless of the support (Al2O3, ZrO2 or mixed Al2O3- ZrO2) but strong differences in the selectivity to the reaction products. Thus, dimethyl ether was mainly observed on alumina-supported vanadium oxide catalysts (which is associated to the presence of acidic sites on the surface of the catalysts determined by TPD-NH3). Formaldehyde was the main reaction product on catalysts supported on Zr-containing oxides (which can be related to a low presence of acid sites).


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